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Welcome to PER-Central, a resource collection for physics education researchers. Here you may find articles, theses and dissertations, research groups, curricular material, and news and events of interest to the PER Community. Learn more about PER-Central.

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For the Classroom

Paradigms in Physics: Quantum Activities

Paradigms in Physics: Quantum Activities
This web page provides activities for Quantum Mechanics classes. Each activity includes learning goals and a guide for instructors. Activities for Operators, Eigenstates, Probability Densities, Stern-Gerlach Simulations, Schrödinger's Equation, and Time Evolution are included.

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Research Instruments

Relativity Concept Inventory (RCI)

Relativity Concept Inventory (RCI)
The Relativity Concept Inventory (RCI), developed by Aslanides and Savage, assesses student understanding of special relativity concepts commonly taught in introductory physics courses.

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Physics Education Research Conference 2014
PERC 2014 will be held July 30-31, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN.  The theme will be "Outpacing New Technologies with Novel Pedagogies: The Role of PER in the Transforming Landscape of Higher Education."

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