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About the Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings

For the 2015 PERC Proceedings edition, the editors are:

Editor-in-Chief: Alice D. Churukian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
Editor: Dyan L. Jones, Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA
Assistant Editor: Lin Ding, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

The editors consist of three members of the PERC community serving three-year terms – they initially serving as the Assistant Editor, then Editor and finally Editor-in-Chief at the end of their term. One new editor is selected by PERLOC each year. The duties of the editors will be made available in the near future.

The following individuals have served as editors for the PERC Proceedings since their inception as a peer reviewed publication in 2001:

Karen Cummings (2001-2003)
Scott Franklin (2001-2004)
Jeffrey Marx (2001-2005)
Paula Heron (2004-2006)
Laura McCullough (2005-2007)
Leon Hsu (2006-2008)
Charles Henderson (2007-2009)
Mel Sabella (2008-2010)
Chandralekha Singh (2009-2011)
Sanjay Rebello (2010-2012)
Paula Engelhardt (2011-2014)*
Alice Churukian (2012-2015)*
Dyan Jones (2013-2016)*
Lin Ding (2015-2017)

Served extended terms during initial years of publishing the PERC Proceedings.
* Serving four year terms during transition from AIP to PER-Central.