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Research-based Assessment Archive - Page 2

Attitudes and Approaches to Problem Solving Survey ` - Feb 20, 2013

The AAPS, developed by Mason and Singh, is designed to evaluate students' attitudes and approaches towards physics problem solving. The survey is based on investigations of responses from introductory physics students, graduate students, and faculty members. It expands upon the Attitudes towards Problem Solving survey (Marx and Cummings, 2007) to consider approaches to problem solving and different levels of problem solving expertise.

Colorado Upper Division Electrostatics (CUE) Asssessment ` - Feb 20, 2013

The Colorado Upper Division Electrostatics (CUE) Asssessment is designed to test student understanding of core learning goals in junior-level E&M. It consists of a 17-item open-ended test with optional 9-item pretest.

Determining and Interpreting Resistive Electric Circuit Concepts Test ` - Feb 20, 2013

DIRECT, developed by Engelhardt and Beichner, is designed to evaluate students' reasoning regarding direct current resistive electric circuits. The test may be administered to students in algebra- or calculus-based introductory physics courses.

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