Physics Education Research Conference
"The Practice of Analysis as a Window on Theory"

August 6-7, 2003
Monona Terrace Convention Center - Madison WI

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The PERC 2003 Home

The PERC provides an opportunity for those in the field of physics education research to share research, get feedback, and discuss issues relevant to the community.  Members of the field will disseminate their research results at the general AAPT meeting preceding the PERC.  During the PERC, the focus is on feedback and discussion with others engaged in physics education research.

This year's theme is "The Practice of Analysis as a Window on Theory." Participants will take part in activities, workshops, and discussions about the different modes of analysis currently used in physics education research, especially modes of qualitative research. The emphasis will not be on the results of physics education research, but rather on the analytic means by which we arrive at those results. The discussions of analysis will give insight into the theories that are present (explicitly or implicitly) when we carry out our analyses  A variety of session formats will provide opportunities for multiple perspectives in our discussion of analysis and underlying theory.

Contributed presentations:
Every attendee is invited to contribute a poster or a roundtable discussion describing his/her current research. Everyone is limited to one contributed presentation as the first author. Attendees are encouraged to submit posters based on work in progress in order to get feedback from the community. It is not required that posters reflect a talk given during the AAPT meeting.

The registration form for the summer meeting of AAPT includes a line to register for the PERC.  The cost for registration is $65 and includes lunch and a copy of the Conference Proceedings. 

The PERC dinner on Thursday evening is ticketed separately. Please purchase dinner tickets and register for the PERC in advance since on-site registration is limited.  

Conference Proceedings:
All presenters (including those who present posters) are invited to submit a paper for inclusion in the proceedings.  All papers will be peer reviewed. Papers must be submitted by July 18, 2003.  Call for Papers.

If you have any additional questions regarding the PERC contact Michael Wittmann ( or Rachel Scherr (


April 6:
Abstracts due for AAPT contributed papers. (Do not submit to PERC organizers!) DEADLINE PAST!

April 28:
PERC targeted poster session proposals due. DEADLINE PAST!
PERC data analysis consultation session proposals due. DEADLINE PAST!

July 8:
PERC contributed poster abstracts due. DEADLINE PAST!
PERC roundtable discussion abstracts due. DEADLINE PAST!

Explanation of formats. Online submission form.

July 18:
PERC conference proceedings contributed paper submissions due. DEADLINE PAST!

August 29 (tentative):
PERC conference proceedings invited paper submissions due.

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