Physics Education Research Conference
"The Practice of Analysis as a Window on Theory"

August 6-7, 2003
Monona Terrace Convention Center - Madison WI

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Call for Targeted Poster Session Organizers

Targeted Poster Session

Targeted Poster Sessions combine the graphic display of materials with the opportunity for discussion of the research. Part of the session is devoted to brief oral presentations and discussions as a group. The remaining time allows attendees to visit posters.

Call for presenters: (DEADLINE HAS PASSED)

Targeted poster session organizers should invite 3-5 presenters to present their work on a common theme or project in poster format. If you would like to organize a targeted poster session, please submit a proposal to one of the conference organizers by April 28, 2003. In the proposal, describe the common theme or body of work around which the session would be organized, and identify 3-5 presenters. Sessions should reflect the PERC theme to the extent possible.

Abstracts of targeted poster sessions

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Contact Information

Michael C. Wittmann
Department of Physics and Astronomy
5709 Bennett Hall
University of Maine
Orono ME 04401-5709

tel: 207 - 581 - 1237
fax: 207 - 581 - 3410

Rachel E. Scherr
Department of Physics
University of Maryland
College Park MD 20742-4111

tel: 301 - 405 - 6179
fax: 301 - 314 - 9531

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