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PER Conference 2008 Session Formats


Invited Talks
PERC 2008 will commence with a Bridging session on Wednesday afternoon. In addition to the invited talks at this session there will be an invited talk following the dinner banquet on Wednesday evening and then the final two invited talks will occur Thursday morning. The speakers chosen are outside the field of PER in order to provide an opportunity to forge connections between a variety of researchers that would not ordinarily cross paths.

Targeted Poster Sessions
Targeted poster sessions combine the graphic display of materials with the opportunity for discussion of the research. Sessions are organized around a common theme or body of work. Presenters introduce their posters with brief opening statements and end the session with a panel discussion of the research. The remaining time allows attendees to visit posters. Although it is not a requirement, all targeted poster session presenters are urged to present their research on the conference theme.

Workshops afford participants an opportunity to experience firsthand the research tools and strategies employed by the presenter. Workshop presenters will create an interactive environment in which participants will become familiarized with real data or research results and work collaboratively to discuss their analysis and/or implications through hands-on/minds-on activities. Similar to the Targeted Poster Sessions, Workshops will strive to address issues that pertain to the conference theme and/or general issues related to methodology of physics education research.


Roundtable Discussion
Roundtable discussions allow maximum interaction with the presenters by eliminating the formal didactic presentation. Individual presenters are assigned tables in a meeting room where interested persons may gather for discussion with the presenter about his or her paper or project. This format is particularly appropriate for papers addressing topics best pursued through extensive discussion. Authors are encouraged to bring copies of the full paper or summaries and to remain available for discussion throughout the session.

Contributed Poster Presentation
Every attendee is invited to contribute a poster describing his/her current research. The Contributed Poster Session will begin on Wednesday evening. Contributed posters can address any theme in PER. Contributed posters should be no larger than 4' by 4'.

PER Dating Service
Because the 2008 PERC is focused on the issue of diversity we are pilot-testing a new session at this years meeting that we hope will foster collaborations between different institutions. Those interested in engaging in a study with a population of students different than those at their own institution should submit a research question, a short description, and the population they would like to work with. Researchers from different institutions can then pair up to devise a research plan.