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Physics Education Research Conference 2016 Schedule

A Methodological Approach to PER

The Physics Education Research Conference was held between July 20-21, 2016 in Sacramento, California at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento.

The schedule was as follows:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Bridging Session

Kerrie A. Douglas
Appropriate Use of Assessments through Applications of Validity Theoretical Framework

Jesper Bruun
Network Analysis as a Research Methodology in PER

Set up First Timer/Undergrad poster session - Gardenia/Grand Ballroom Foyer
First Timer, Undergraduate Poster Session with Coffee - Gardenia/Grand Ballroom Foyer
Introduction - Magnolia/Camellia Ballroom
Plenary #1 - Magnolia/Camellia Ballroom

Saalih Allie
Methodology and Theorizing in PER: The Role of Humble Theories

Dinner on own
Poster session I - Gardenia/Grand Ballroom Foyer
Poster session II - Gardenia/Grand Ballroom Foyer
Thursday, July 21, 2016
Plenary #2 - Magnolia/Camellia Ballroom

Peter Hewson
On the Interaction of Physics with Physics Education Research

Coffee - Grand Nave Ballroom Foyer
Poster session III - Gardenia/Grand Ballroom Foyer
Parallel Session I

Talk Symposium - Bondi
Conceptual Blending as a Theoretical Framework in PER
Discussant: Jesper Haglund
Moderator: Bor Gregorcic
Presenters: B. Dreyfus, N. Finkelstein, B. Gregorcic, A. Gupta, J. Haglund, J. Hoy, Z. Hrepic, N. S. Rebello, E. Ronayne Sohr, M. Wittmann, D. Zollman

Talk Symposium - Compagno
Investigating the Impact of Learning Assistant Model Adoption on Students and Learning Assistants
Discussant & Moderator: Valarie Otero
Presenters: R. Benabentos, J. Boyer, E. Close, H. Close, J. Conn, L. Doughty, L. Hartley, Z. Hazari, H. Kornreich-Leshem, L. Kramer, P. Le, A. Nasim, G. Potvin, I. Rodriguez, R. Talbot, B. Van Dusen, J. White

Talk Symposium - Falor
Methodologies for Video-Based Research in PER
Discussant: Rachel Scherr
Moderators: Benedikt Harrer and Luke Conlin
Presenters: L. Conlin, V. Flood, A. Gupta, B. Harrer, E. Kuo

Poster Symposium - Bataglieri
Expanding Research Questions by Expanding Quantitative Methodologies
Moderator: J. Chini
Presenters: E. Brewe, J. Bruun, J. Chini, J. Cribbs, I. Griffin, Z. Hazari, R. Lock, D. McPadden, J. Pond, G. Potvin, T. Smith, N. Wright

Talk Symposium - Kamilos
Building Research Questions from Observational Data
Moderator: E. Sayre
Presenters: D. Chari, A. Chase, A. Hansen, D. Harlow, K. Hinko, H. Nguyen, J. Zwolak

Discussion Symposium - Beavis
Physics Teaching for Social Justice
Facilitators: A. Daane, M. Rifkin, A. Robertson

Workshop - Baker
The PERC Proceedings: History, Publication Data, Writing, and Reviewing
Presenters: A. Churukian, L. Ding, D. Jones, A. Traxler

Lunch - Magnolia/Camellia Ballroom
Plenary #3 - Magnolia/Camellia Ballroom

George Bodner
Theoretical Frameworks for Qualitative Research, a Story from Chemical Education Research

Parallel Session II

Poster Symposium - Bataglieri
Methodologies Using Identity Frameworks
Discussant: Idaykis Rodriguez
Presenters: E. Close, H. Close, J. Conn, J. Doyle, S. McKagan, G. Potvin, A. Robertson, K. Rosa, R. Scherr

Talk Symposium - Bondi
Iteration, Ownership, and Emotions: Examining How Classroom Experiences in Physics Move Outside the Classroom
Discussant & Moderator: R. Russ
Presenters: L. Elliott, D. Hammer, L. Jaber, A. Leak, A. Little, A. Phillips, J. Radoff, J. Watkins, B. Zwickl

Talk Symposium - Compagno
Educating Pre-service Physics Teachers
Moderator: Eugenia Etkina
Presenters: E. Etkina, B. Gregorcic, S. Kapon, A. Merzel, G. Planinsic, G. Stewart, J. Stewart, S. Vokos

Talk Symposium - Falor
Conceptual Issues and Content Revisions in the Introductory Physics Course for Life Science Students
Moderator: Nancy Beverly
Presenters: C. Anderson, W. Christensen, A. Churukian, C. Crouch, D. Deardorff, B. Geller, D. Hemingway, K. Mashood, R. Matz, L. McNeil, K. Moore, E. Mylott, V. Sawtelle, E. Scott, D. Smith, C. Turpen, S. Underwood, C. Wallace, R. Widenhorn

Workshop - Beavis
NSF Education Programs for Physics & Astronomy
Organizer: Kevin Lee

Poster Symposium - Tofanelli
Network Analysis in PER
Moderator: Adrienne Traxler
Presenters: M. Bodin, E. Brewe, J. Bruun, R. Dou, A. Gavrin, M. Lindahl, R. Lindell, C. Linder, A. Traxler, E. Williams, J. Zwolak

Speaker Panel Summary Discussion - Magnolia/Camellia Ballroom
End of PERC

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