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Physics Education Research Conference 2016

July 20, 2016 - July 21, 2016 in Sacramento, California

PERC 2016 will be held at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento.

A Methodological Approach to PER

Research methodology is often incorrectly used as a synonym for research method. Research methodology is about method in relation to the theoretical and epistemological aspects that underpin that method, which in turn collectively guide the research. Thus the chosen research methodology essentially is the research framework within which, and by which, a researcher will work. It is even accurate to consider it as the inception of the research. In PER contexts a researcher can choose to employ a particular methodology and this choice is guided by the research question, and as such the chosen methodology represents the concepts, assumptions, expectations, beliefs, and theory that will direct the data collection, analysis and conclusion and implication that gets drawn. In other words, giving due consideration to the appropriate choice of a research methodology is about paying attention to what kind of framework is needed to appropriately carry out all aspects of the research. The chosen methodology also underpins any theory that gets developed as a consequence of the study, and as such it provides a significant indication of its contextual credence.

The PERC 2016 conference was an invitation for the PER community to engage in debate and discussion about research methodology and its role in how we  will approach a research study. Whether it is a ten-week REU summer project or a multi-million dollar NSF study, developing a more insightful methodological awareness of research methodology can strengthen your research and your ability to answer the research questions you seek to answer. Speakers who were both internal and external to the PER community were welcomed to share their perspective on research methodology with the hope that diverse contexts and examples will spark attendees to adopt or innovate research methodology for their future studies. Special focus was given to innovative methodologies for, (1) informing research practice, (2) generating new understandings of learning and teaching experiences, (3) for predicting and generalizing learning outcomes, and (4) investigating other related areas of PER.

Organizing Committee

Paul Irving - Michigan State University
Rebecca Lindell – Purdue University
Cedric Linder – Uppsala University

Contact the organizing committee at perc.planningcommittee2016@gmail.com

Important Dates

March 7: Pre-proposal form for parallel sessions was due.
March 8: Abstract Submission opened.
April 15: Full proposals for parallel sessions were due.
May 16: Contributed poster abstracts were due.
May 16: First timer abstracts were due.
May 19: PERC paper submission opened.
June 20: Undergraduate abstracts were due.
July 1: PERC papers were due.

Information for Presenters

Contributed posters should be no larger than 4' by 4'. We encourage posters to include an image of the authors as well as a QR code that links to a short (2-3 minute) presentation of the material. You may find the site http://goqr.me useful in creating the QR code.