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PERC 2017 Abstract Solicitation

Parallel Sessions

Attendees are also encouraged to submit proposals for the parallel sessions. The parallel sessions are designed to encourage smaller groups to delve deeply into a more specialized aspect of PER and offer more opportunities for interaction between attendees. Below is a link to suggested session types although you are not limited to these formats; combinations or other formats appropriate for the topic of the session are welcome. The pre-proposal form that was due by March 17th allowed you to include the details of your session proposal such as description and explanation of the proposed session format. There is also a link to submit your full proposal once the organizers have reviewed your pre-proposal that will ask you to include the session title, organizer and presenter names, description of the session content, relevance/applicability to PER, and how each presenter will contribute to the session theme.

Types of parallel sessions

Parallel Session abstract submission



Full proposals were due by April 14th.


Contributed Poster Presentation

Every attendee is invited to contribute a poster describing his/her current research. Contributed posters can address any theme in PER. Contributed posters should be no larger than 4' by 4'. We encourage posters to include an image of the authors as well as a QR code that links to a short (2-3 minute) presentation of the material. You may find the site http://goqr.me useful in creating the QR code. Poster abstracts submitted before the proceedings-eligible deadline are eligible to submit a paper to the PERC proceedings. Poster abstracts submitted after the deadline are not.

The PERC conference is not just an opportunity to engage in discussion and debate with your colleagues within the PER community. It is also an opportunity for the PER community to invite new members to engage in the very same discussions and debates. PERC 2017 is attempting to place more of an emphasis on this invitation by holding a poster session solely for first time attendees and undergraduate research students. If it is your first time attending the conference please indicate this is the case when submitting your abstract by ticking the first timer button. If you are an undergraduate please submit your abstract through the undergraduate abstract submission button below. To offer the opportunity for more undergraduates to present their research at PERC 2017 the submission date for undergraduate abstracts is June 23rd so that those engaged in a summer research positions will have the time to develop an abstract.

General abstract submissionUndergraduate abstract submission

Abstract submissions were due by May 19th.

First Timer abstracts were due by May 19th.

Undergraduate abstracts are due June 23rd.

PERC papers are due July 5th.

For more information on PERC papers, visit the PERC proceedings web page.