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Physics Education Research Conference 2017 Schedule

Mathematization and Physics Education Research

The Physics Education Research Conference will be held July 26-27, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the RiverCenter Convention Center.

View the schedule below, or download a 2-page PDF of the schedule.

Information on the poster sessions can be found in the PERC 2017 Program (PDF).

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Event Center II
Bridging Plenary Talks

Michael Oehrtmann: Quantitative reasoning and mathematical modeling in an introductory calculus sequence

Megan Wawro: Student Understanding and Symbolization of Eigentheory

1st Floor Lobby
Break, Poster Setup
Event Center I
First Timer / Undergraduate Poster Session
Dinner (on your own) / Poster set up
Event Center I
Contributed poster session (dessert, 2 groups, 45 min per group)
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Event Center I
Contributed poster session 2 (coffee)
Parallel Sessions Cluster I
Meeting Room 6

Juried Talks + Posters - IA
Experimental Labs
Presenters: D. Andres, K. Ansell, L. Bao, M. D. Caballero, E. Etkina, K. Funkhouser, N. Holmes, D. Hu, K. Koenig, H. Lewandowski, L. Owens, K. Quinn, R. Rosenblatt, C. Ruggieri, V. Sawtelle, M. Selen, M. R. Stetzer, K. L Van De Bogart, S. White Brahmia, C. Wieman, B. Wilcox, K. E. Wood, R. Zich, B. Zwickl

Meeting Room 1

Talk Symposium - IB
Contrasting Cases and Invention Activities in PER: Grounding students' understanding of conceptual and mathematical relations in physical contexts 
Presenters: V. Aleven, D. M. Beardmore, A. Boudreaux, C. C. Chase, H. Connolly, N. R. Hallinen, S. E. Kanim, M. F. Keil, E. Kuo, T. K. Lê, M. Lamnina, C. M. Rebello, S. Salehi, D. L. Schwartz, J. T. Shemwell, M. R. Stetzer, B. A. Towle, S. White Brahmia, C. Wieman

Meeting Room 2

Custom Format - IC
Funny Physics: The Roles of Humor in Learning and Teaching Physics
Discussant: Rachel Scherr
Moderator: Luke Conlin
Presenters: L. Conlin, C. Gillespie Nyeggen, S. L. Li, E. Ronayne Sohr

Meeting Room 3

Poster Symposium - ID
Bridging Research and Practice in the Access Network
Moderator: Joel Corbo
Presenters: F. Amezcua, F. Davenport, S. Franklin, H. Jacks, M. Levy, A. Little, C. Mallares, K. Mardis, R. Mason, B. Pollard, G. M. Quan, K. Rainey, M. S. Sabella, N. Sanders, C. Turpen

Meeting Room 4

Talk Symposium - IE
Mathematical representations in quantum mechanics instruction
Moderator: John Thompson
Presenters: W. Christensen, E. Gire, G. Passante, E. Price, H. Sadaghiani, K. Watson, M. Wawro

Parallel Sessions Cluster II
Meeting Room 6

Juried Talks - IIA
Juried Talks II - Meeting Room 6
Presenters: L. Conlin, N. Finkelstein, J. Hoehn, M. Loverude

Meeting Room 5

Talk Symposium - IIB
Math for making sense or math for making answers?
Moderator: Natasha Holmes
Presenters: N. Hallinen, N. Holmes, E. Kuo, D. McPadden

Meeting Room 2

Talk Symposium - IIC
Mathematization in university level undergraduate physics courses
Moderator: Eleanor Sayre
Presenters: V. Dini, S. Franklin, B. Modir, N. Weliweriya, S. White Brahmia, B. Wilcox, D. Zohrabi Alaee

Meeting Room 4

Talk Symposium - IID
Multiple perspectives on graduate admissions and diversity in physics
Moderator: Deepa Chari
Presenters: E. E.A. Brown, D. Chari, G. L. Cochran, T. Hodapp, A. Pershing, M. Plisch, G. Potvin, R. E. Scherr

Meeting Room 3

Workshop - IIE
"What Are You?" – Considerations and Best Practices in Operationalizing Identity through Demographic Variables
Presenters: J. J. Chini, J. Doyle, A. Little, B. Z. Roman, A. Traxler, C. Turpen

Event Center II
Lunch: Recognizing Pioneers of Mathematization in Physics Education: Honoring Joe Redish and Lillian McDermott
Parallel Sessions Cluster III
Meeting Room 3

Poster Symposium - IIIA
Emerging Scholarship
Presenters: M. Dancy, A. Elby, P. Emigh, E. Gire, A. Gupta, M. Hull, E. Kuo, A. Phillips

Meeting Room 4

Custom Format - IIIB
Accessibility and Universal Design in Physics Education
Moderators: Jacquelyn J. Chini, Dimitri R. Dounas-Frazer, and Benjamin M. Zwickl
Presenters: J. J. Chini, S. Davis, W. James, E. B. Moore Perkins, K. K. Perkins, J. Principato, J. Schreffler, T. L. Smith, D. Spiecker, E. Vasquez III

Meeting Room 2

Custom Format - IIIC
People of Color Discussion Space
Facilitators: G. Cochran, A. Knaub

Meeting Room 1

Talk Symposium - IIID
Vectors and unit vectors in non-cartesian coordinate systems
Moderator: Michael Loverude
Presenters: W. Christensen, B. Farlow, B. E. Hinrichs, M. Loverude, B. Schermerhorn, J. Thompson, M. Vega

Event Center II
Closing and summary, including invited speaker panel
End of PERC