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Physics Education Research Conference 2018 Schedule

Having Wonderful Ideas: Connecting the Content, Outcomes, and Pedagogies of Physics

The Physics Education Research Conference will be held August 1-2, 2018 in Washington, DC at the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Renaissance Ballroom
Bridging Plenary Talks

Benedikt W. Harrer: The multimodal interactional work of Having Wonderful Ideas

Break, Poster Session I (First Timer / Undergraduate posters) setup
Grand South
Poster Session I (1 group of posters, 45 minutes)

First Timer / Undergraduate posters will be presented.

Dinner / Poster Session II setup

Dinner is on your own, or sign up for a Dine & Discuss group by July 25 -- spots limited!

Grand South
Poster Session II (dessert, 2 groups of posters, 45 minutes per group)

Odd-numbered posters will be presented during the first 45 minutes of the session. Even-numbered posters will be presented during the second 45 minutes of the session.

Thursday, August 2, 2018
Parallel Sessions Cluster I
Meeting Room 2

Discussion and writing session
People of Color Discussion and Writing Space
Facilitators: G. Cochran and A. Knaub

Meeting Room 3

The New Advanced Placement Physics Exams: PER-Based National Assessment
Moderator/Discussant: S. Kanim
Presenters: S. Brahmia, A. Elby, M. Sckalor, S. Willoughby

Meeting Room 4

Wonderful Ideas Bookclub
Facilitators: L. Atkins Elliott and R. Russ

Meeting Room 5

An Introduction to Data Science for Emerging Quantitative Researchers with R-Studio
Facilitators: J. Buncher, D. McPadden, J. M. Nissen, G. Potvin, R. Talbot

Grand Central

Modified poster symposium/workshop
Encouraging Students to Have Wonderful Ideas About Functions of Several Variables in Multiple Physics Contexts
Moderator: C. Manogue
Presenters: T. Dray, P. Emigh, E. Gire, M. B. Kustusch, M. Vignal, Aaron Wangberg

Congressional B

Juried Talks
Juried Talks I
S. V. Franklin, B. Geller, F. Genz, C. A. Hass, A. Johnson, M. B. Kustusch, C. W. Miller, P. A. Ouimet, L. Owens, K. Pomian, E. C. Sayre, B. M. Zwickl, and J. P. Zwolak

Grand South
Poster Session III (coffee, 1 group of posters, 45 minutes)
Parallel Sessions Cluster II
Meeting Room 2

Talk symposium
Prosperity, Family and Identity: Learning From What Helps Women of Color Thrive
Moderator: A. K. Hodari
Presenters: A. C. Johnson, E. Mulvey, V. Webb, R. Young
Discussant: E. Price

Meeting Room 3

Talk symposium
Researching Graduate Education in Physics: From Aspiration to Dissertation
Moderator/Discussant: S. Mueller
Presenters: D. Chari, A. Heckler, A. Koenka, A. Maries, E. Marshman, S. Mueller, C. Porter, G. Potvin, A. B. Simmons, C. Singh

Meeting Room 4

Aspiring to Lead: Opportunities for Research on Physics Teacher Leadership in K-12 Education
Facilitators: C. Megowan Romanowicz, R. Vieyra

Meeting Room 5

Talk symposium
Making Sense of Physics Sensemaking
Moderator/Discussant: R. Russ
Presenters: A. Elby, P. Emigh, E. Gire, A. Gupta, K. Hahn, M. M. Hull, S. Kapon, E. Kuo, M. Lenz, T. Odden, R. Russ, M. Schvartzer

Congressional B

Talk symposium
Community Resources for Research and Collaboration
Moderator/Discussant: A. Madsen
Presenters: M. Boylan, S. Chasteen, S. Franklin, E. Sayre

Grand Central

Poster symposium
Identifying Conceptual Resources for Understanding Physics
Moderators: B. Frank and L. Goodhew
Presenters: C. Alvarado, B. Brizuela, Y. Cao, A. Daane, B. Geller, L. Goodhew, D. Meredith, A. D. Robertson, H. Sabo, M. C. Wittmann, D. Young

Grand North

Poster symposium
Supporting Student Leadership and Ownership in Equity Work: Insights From The Access Network
Moderator/Discussant: B. Gutmann
Presenters: D. Dounas-Frazer, B. Gutmann, S. Hyater-Adams, G. Lee, M. Lopez, M. Marshall, G. Quan, K. Rainey, C. Turpen, C. Woodrum

Renaissance Ballroom
Lunch Plenary

Déana Scipio: Inclusive and transformative epistemic agency: Broadening participation by valuing "wonderful ideas"

Parallel Sessions Cluster III
Meeting Room 2

What is the Goal of Introducing Computation Into High School Physics and Physical Science?
Moderator/Discussant: D. Weintrop
Presenters: C. Megowan-Romanowicz, C. Orban, R. Teeling-Smith, S. Temple, R. Vieyra

Meeting Room 3

Talk symposium
What Can Be Achieved By Building On Wonderful Ideas
Moderator: E. Kuo
Presenters: B. Frank, A. Leak, E. Manz, A. Phillips, J. Watkins

Grand Central

Interactive Poster Symposium
Wonderful Ideas Deserve Wonderful Research: Techniques for Studying Informal Physics Programs
Moderator/Discussant: K. Hinko, C. Fracchiolla
Presenters: M.B. Bennett, B. Fiedler, S. Hyater-Adams, T. Williams, E. Price, M. McColgan, B. Jones, C. Alvarado

Meeting Room 4

Beyond the IRB: Examining the Relationship Between the Researcher and the Researched
Moderators/Discussants: B. Zamarripa Roman, J. Chini
Facilitators: A. Gupta, E. Sayre, K. Rosa, A. Traxler, D. Scipio, (pending others)

Grand North

Poster Symposium
Probing understanding of the sophisticated use of “simple" mathematics in physics
Moderator: P. Shaffer
Presenters: S. Brahmia, A. Elby, A. Gupta, M. M. Hull, E. Kuo, T. Sikorski, E. Torigoe, J. Von Korff, G. White


Juried Talks
Juried Talks II
Presenters: L. Ding, R. Donatello, N.D. Finkelstein, X. Herrera, B. Ibrahim, J.R. Hoehn, J. Nissen, and B. Van Dusen

Renaissance Ballroom, Meeting Rooms 2-4
End of PERC

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