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Physics Education Research Conference 2019 Schedule

Physics Outside of the Classroom: Teaching, Learning, and Cultural Engagement in Informal Physics Environments

The Physics Education Research Conference will be held July 24-25, 2019 in Provo, UT at the Provo Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.

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Printable At-a-glance Schedule - PERC Accessibility Survey

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Ballroom C
Bridging Plenary Talks

A Collective Exploration of Physics Beyond the Classroom
Speaker: Shane Bergin

Making through a lens of culture, power, & equity: Visions for Learning and Teaching in Informal Settings
Speaker: Paula Hooper

Break, Poster Session I Setup
Exhibit Hall C
Poster Session I (refreshments, 2 group of posters, 45 minutes)

First Timer / Undergraduate posters will be presented.

Dinner / Poster Session II setup

Dinner is on your own, or sign up for a Dine & Discuss (https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C094CA9AC2DA0F85-perc)

Exhibit Hall C
Poster Session II (dessert, 2 groups of posters, 45 minutes per group)

Odd-numbered posters will be presented during the first 45 minutes of the session. Even-numbered posters will be presented during the second 45 minutes of the session.

Thursday, July 25, 2019
Parallel Sessions Cluster I
Cascade A

Juried Talks
Juried Talks I
Presenters: Z. Hazari, R. Dou, G. Sonnert, P. Sadler, G. Quan, C. Turpen, A. Elby, M. Chessey, K. Brunk, A. Lau, A. Corrales, F. Goldberg

Cascade B

Discussion Space for People of Color
Facilitators: B. Zamarripa Roman, G. Cochran, A. Knaub, S. Hyater-Adams

Cascade C

Poster symposium
Learning by analyzing more than just correct answers
Moderator: D. Pritchard
Presenters: A. Perez Lemonche, J. Stewart, B. Drury, R. Henderson, A. Shvonski, B. Van Dusen, J. Nissen, T. Smith, N. Bendjilali, C. Zabriski, J. Yang, S. DeVore, A. Traxler, C. Myers, J. Deibel, M. Rodgers

Cascade D

Talk symposium
Representing student reasoning about math in physics
Moderators: G. Passante, H. Sadaghiani, S. Pollock
Presenters: B. Schermerhorn, S. Jones, S. White Brahmia, M. Wawro

Cascade E

Bright approaches to informal physics
Facilitators: J. Fairfield, S. Bergin

Exhibit Hall C
Poster Session III (coffee, 1 group of posters, 45 minutes)
Parallel Sessions Cluster II
Cascade A

Talk symposium
Critical Theory as a Research Framework for Addressing Injustice in Physics Education
Presenters: B. Van Dusen, J. Nissen, K. Rosa, J. Chini, E. Scanlon, A. Traxler

Cascade B

Talk Symposium w/ Discussion
Blending Physics and Other Interests (In and Out of the Classroom)
Facilitators: B. Prefontaine, K. Hinko
Presenters: D. Izadi, S. Hyater-Adams

Cascade C

Poster symposium
Museum-based physics education research through research-practice partnerships (RPPs)
Moderator: D. Harlow
Presenters: R. Skinner, A. Hansen, A. Muller, M. Macias, J. McBeath, J. Marckwordt, J. Pulgar, A. Spina, E. Arevalo, K. Lucas, J. Nation, D. Sanosa, J. Gribble

Cascade D

Talk symposium
Teaching 3D Physical Concepts Using Virtual and Augmented Reality
Moderator: J. Canright
Presenters: S. Binz, C. Vieyra, R. Vieyra, C. Porter, C. Orban, A. Simmons, J. Smith

Cascade E

Video Analysis of Student Thinking in Labs
Presenters: L. Conlin, N. Holmes, E. Smith, A. Phillips, D. Sachmpazidi, K. Ansell

Soldier Creek

Juried Talks
Juried Talks II
Presenters: S. Braden, L. Barth-Cohen, T. Zu, N. Rebello, B. Farlow, M. Vega, A. Bradley, C. Dalton, R. Kalra, J. Brainard, M. Loverude, W. Christensen, M. Wawro, K. Watson

Ballroom C
Lunch Plenary

Informal STEM Learning and Science Communication: An Expanding Landscape of Resources, Research, and Collaborators
Speaker: Jamie Bell

Parallel Sessions Cluster III
Cascade A

Talk Symposium
Understanding and Assessing Problem-solving in introductory physics
Presenters: E. Burkholder, A. Price, W. K. Adams, A. Brown, A. Heckler, S. Salehi

Cascade B

Measuring the conceptual development of teachers: A data analysis workshop
Facilitator: C. Alvarado

Cascade C

Poster Symposium
Conceptual Design of Informal Physics Programs
Moderator/Discussant: M. McColgan
Presenters:B. Prefontaine, Brett Fiedler

Cascade D

Using Social psychological intervention to make STEM classrooms inclusive and improve learning
Facilitators: T. Nokes-Malach, Y. Kalender, K. Binning, C. Singh

Cascade E

PERC 20/20: A Sneak Peak at “Insights, Reflections, & Future Directions”
Moderator/Discussants: S. Maier, A. Knaub, L. Ding, B. Cunningham

Ballroom C
End of PERC

PERC Accessibility Survey

Over the next couple of years PERLOC will be assessing the accessibility of the PERC conference with the intended goal of increasing the access and support for all people to attend PERC. In Summer 2019 we are kicking off the project with a survey for past PERC attendees about their experiences with accessibility at previous PER conferences. We encourage all PERC attendees to participate in the survey! Here is the link: https://is.gd/PERCAccessibility

We are also recruiting volunteers to be interviewed about their PERC experiences with accessibility. Please contact Erin Scanlon if you are interested in participating.

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