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Physics Education Research Conference 2020 Schedule

Insights, Reflections, & Future Directions: Emergent Themes in the Evolving PER Community

The Physics Education Research Conference will be held online from July 22-23, 2020.

All times are Eastern time.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

PERC Bridging Session Q&A

Speakers: Geraldine L. Cochran, Joseph Krajcik, Sarah B. McKagan, Valerie K. Otero, Susan R. Singer, Robert H. Tai


Odd posters present during the first half hour. Even posters present during the second half hour.

Snack & Chat (live breakout rooms)
End of PERC Day 1
Thursday, July 23, 2020
Parallel Sessions Cluster I

Juried Talks 
Juried Talks I
Presenters: A. Cardinot, V. Gjerde, E. Langbeheim, J. Mellen

Poster symposium 
Students’ Understanding of Fluids
Moderator: D. Meredith
Presenters: R. Lindell, D. Meredith, R. Rosenblatt

Custom Format 
Expanding your network: IPER Community buildathon
Facilitators: C. Fracchiolla, K. Hinko, B. Prefontaine

Talk symposium 
Recent results on the classroom effectiveness of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology
Moderator: C. Orban
Presenters: J. Canright, S. Greenwald, C. Porter, D. Rosengrant

Custom Format 
What was, is and will be Physics Education Research
Facilitators: R. Barthelemy, A. Knaub, V. Otero, B. Zamarripa, I. Rodriguez

Talk symposium 
Establishing scientific norms in the lab: a spotlight on the instructor
Moderators: S. Levy and E. Yerushalmi
Presenters: D. Doucette, D. R. Dounas-Frazer, D. Langley, S. Levy, J. Rutberg


Odd posters present during the first half hour. Even posters present during the second half hour.

12:00pm Parallel Sessions Cluster II

Juried Talks 
Juried Talks II
Presenters: E. Alicea-Munoz, Z. Felker, R. Hechter, D. J. Rosen

Talk symposium 
Future directions in PER: Reflecting critically on student success
Moderator: D. R. Dounas-Frazer
Presenters: L. T. S. Marsh, G. M. Quan, B. Zamarripa Roman

Talk symposium 
Using the theory of conceptual blending at the mathematics-physics interface
Moderator: J. Thompson
Presenters: B. P. Schermerhorn, S. van den Eynde, S. White Brahmia

Talk symposium 
Evaluation of Innovative Reforms in Upper Division Physics Courses
Moderators: R. Lindell
Presenters: A. Gavrin, J. F. Kozminski, M. McColgan, D. D. Nolte

Custom Format 
Diverse Career Paths in Physics Education: A Panel Discussion
Facilitators: R. Henderson, A. Pawlak, T. Finzell

1:00pm Parallel Sessions Cluster III

Juried Talks 
Juried Talks III
Presenters: P. C. Hamerski, B. Van Dusen, M. Vignal, T. Wan

Talk symposium 
All things Get the Facts Out: Perceptions, emotionally compelling messages, and data mining
Moderator: B. Pyper
Presenters: W. K. Adams, D. Isola, S. L. Logan, B. Pyper

Talk symposium 
Promoting Successful Change in Physics Education and Research
Moderator: R. Lindell
Presenters: E. Bertschinger, A. S. Hirsch, K. Pitts, R. Rosenblatt

Talk symposium 
Assessing Teaching Effectiveness: We Need More Than Just Student Evaluations
Moderator: E. Alicea-Munoz
Presenters: P. Bergeron, N. Finkelstein, C. Henderson, A. Maries, A. Pawlak

Measuring and improving Pedagogical Content Knowledge of student assistants in introductory physics classes
Facilitators: J. Wang, B. Thacker


Odd posters present during the first half hour. Even posters present during the second half hour.

Closing Session
Open Conversation
End of PERC