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Physics Education Research Conference 2022

July 13, 2022 - July 14, 2022 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Queering Physics Education

PERC 2022 focused on "queering physics education" through an intersectional lens. By "queering," we centered queer theory which breaks down social constructions and hierarchies to unpack normalized assumptions. In the context of physics education, we apply the theory to unpack who has power in physics to control the production of future physicists, how physics policies and practices are sometimes built on ideas of punishment and power, and how PER embeds binaries in both its content and sociological research. Further, we wanted to encourage a dialogue that is both a critique and an imagining of a queer future for PER. Explicit attention was given to constructions of race, (dis)ability, gender, sexuality and how they interact and impact lived experiences.

The peer-reviewed 2022 PERC Proceedings are available as a written record of the conference.

PERC Dates

January 31, 2022: Parallel session proposal submission opened
April 7, 2022: Parallel session proposals were due
April 8, 2022: Contributed poster abstract submission opened
May 16, 2022: Paper-eligible poster abstracts and Proceedings manuscripts were due
June 10, 2022: Reviews for the PERC Proceedings were due
June 21, 2022: Non-paper eligible poster abstract submissions were due
July 13-14, 2022: Dates of the PERC


Madison Fitzgerald-Russell (she/they), Western Michigan University
Brianne Gutmann (she/her), San José State University
Kelby T. Hahn (they/she), Oregon State University
Alia Hamdan (she/her), University of Arizona
Sara Mueller (she/they), Brown University
Yasmeen Musthafa (they/them)
Ben Pollard (he/him), Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Xandria Quichocho (they/them), Michigan State University
Mike Vignal (he/him), University of Colorado Boulder


Tim Atherton (he/him), Tufts University
Ramón Barthelemy (he/him), University of Utah
Jacquelyn Chini (she/her), University of Central Florida
Katemari Rosa (she/her), Universidade Federal da Bahia
and others

You can contact the organizers at perc-organizers@aapt.org.