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Physics Education Research Conference 2022 Schedule

Queering Physics Education

The Physics Education Research Conference was held from July 13-14, 2022.

Virtual PERC Options: Virtual options for PERC are continually evolving. All participants, including those registered virtually, will have asynchronous access to most of the conference through AAPT OnDemand released after the conference conclusion. A virtual poster session, social event and silent auction will be offered synchronously. Participants registered virtually will receive an email outlining these options before the conference. 


Times (EDT) Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Ambassador Ballroom
Bridging plenaries

Beyond the Binary: Critically queer approaches to quantitative research in education
Speaker: Kari Dockendorff

Leveraging queer epistemic subjectivity to advance justice through physics teaching
Speakers: Luis A. Leyva, Nicollette Mitchell, R. Taylor McNeill, Gary D. White

Parallel Sessions Cluster 1: Workshops in Queering PER
Vandenberg B

The water closet: Ungendering bathrooms
Moderators: B. Gutmann, Y. Musthafa
Presenter: L. Boker

Vandenberg A

LGBTQ+ 101
Moderator: M. Vignal, OutFront Kalamazoo

Canceled: Workshop
It's all queer to me: The praxis of intentionally queering your pedagogy and research
Moderator: S. K. Kattari

Governor's Room

Living within the intersections
Moderators: M. Fitzgerald-Russell, R. Kreuzer

Imperial Ballroom

Collaboration space
Queer affinity space
Moderator: B. Pollard

5:30pm Break
Center Concourse
Poster Session 1

Session I abstracts and poster layout

Meet at Center Concourse
LGBTQ+ fundraiser with Joule's Molly House


Times (EDT) Thursday, July 14, 2022
Parallel Sessions Cluster 2
Vandenberg B

Collaboration space
Indigiqueer: Recognizing the relationship between indiginenity, queerness, and research
Moderator: Xandria R. Quichocho

Vandenberg A

Custom format
Navigating privilege & constraints in early career positions
Moderators: K. Ansell, K. Hahn, R. Henderson

Pantlind Ballroom

Talk symposium
Physics education research in the Nordic Countries
Moderators: E. Euler, U. Eriksson
Presenters: E. Euler, S. Goorney, T. O. B. Odden, J. Sherson, K. Svensson

Governor's Room

Custom format
Benefits of Solo PER & strategies to encourage and support it: a roundtable discussion
Moderator: R. Zich
Presenters: S. Maier, A. Mason, R. Rosenblatt, A. Sammons

Imperial Ballroom

Queering computuation
Presenters: T. Atherton, E. Gouvea, A. Phillips

Center Concourse
Poster Session 2
Presenters with odd-numbered posters will present during the first 40 minutes. Following a 5 minute transition period, presenters with even-numbered posters will present during the last 40 minutes.

Session II abstracts and poster layout

Parallel Sessions Cluster 3
Pantalind Ballroom

Talk symposium
Queerness in STEM education: perspectives from early career scholars
Moderator: B. Gutmann
Presenters: A. Duran, M. Fitzgerald-Russell, D. Forsythe

Vandenberg A

Custom format
Machine learning methods in PER: intuition & methodological discussion
Moderator: E. Brewe
Presenters: R. Fussell, C. Green, T. O. Odden, N. Young

Vandenberg B

Custom format
Mini book club
Moderator: Sara Mueller

Governor's Room

Collaboration space
Help! I'm at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution: how do I include undergraduate research students into my research?
Moderator: R. Lindell
Presenters: M. McColgan, D. J. Wagner, R. Zich

Gerald R. Ford Ballroom

Poster symposium
Learning quantum: Contributed posters symposium
Presenters: V. Borish, G. Corsiglia, P. Hu, T. Kushimo, J. C. Meyer, W. D. Riihiluoma

Ambassador Ballroom
Lunch Plenaries

Quarks are a bit queer: Rethinking known truths from a queer mindset
Speaker: Shanna Katz Kattari

“We can’t just turn that off and then do some physics”: A counter-storytelling analysis of introductory physics as a white, cisheteropatriarchal space
Speaker: Luis A. Leyva

Center Concourse
Poster Session 3
Presenters with odd-numbered posters will present during the first 40 minutes. Following a 5 minute transition period, presenters with even-numbered posters will present during the last 40 minutes.

Session III abstracts and poster layout

Ambassador Ballroom
Closing Session: Panel Discussion
End of PERC

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