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Physics Education Research Conference 2023 Schedule

Working together to Strengthen the PER Community of Practice

The Physics Education Research Conference was held from July 19-20, 2023.

Maps: Poster Session 1 Layout | Poster Session 2 Layout | Parallel Session Rooms | Convention Center

Times (PDT) Wednesday, July 19, 2023
Ballroom A1
Bridging plenaries and PERC Kickoff

The birth and early growth of the Physics Education Research Conference
Speaker: Dean Zollman - Presentation

The PER Community of Practice: The seen and unseen
Speaker: Ximena Cid - Presentation

Community Connections 1
Ballroom A1 (Front Left)

Alternative Careers for PER Graduates: High School Teachers
Host: Dedra Demaree (she/her), Blue Ridge School

Ballroom A1 (Front Right)

Connecting PER to K–12
Host: Mary Urquhart (she/her), University of Texas at Dallas

Ballroom A2

Disabled Physicists Meetup
Host: Rebecca Lindell (she/her), Tiliadal STEM Education: Solutions for Higher Education

Ballroom A3

Meet with your Journal Editor I: Physical Review PER
Host: Charles Henderson (he/him), Lead Editor, Physical Review Physics Education Research, Western Michigan University

Outside Ballroom A1

New/Unconnected Researcher Connection, Collaboration, and Creation Space
Host: Liam McDermott (he/they), Rutgers University

Ballroom A4

Solo PER Connections
Host: Raymond Zich, Illinois State University

4:45pm Poster Session 1 Setup
Exhibit Hall A
Poster Session 1
Presenters with odd-numbered posters will present during the first 35 minutes. Following a 5 minute transition period, presenters with even-numbered posters will present during the last 35 minutes.

Poster Session 1 abstracts and layout
Dine and Discover
Ballroom A1
Plenary 2
Speakers: W. Brian Lane, Mary Urquhart, Kris Lui, and Nekeisha Johnson


Times (PDT) Thursday, July 20, 2023
Mentoring Meet Up
Parallel Sessions Cluster 1
Ballroom A9

Poster Symposium
Researching and Interrogating Grading Practices
Moderators: J. C. Speirs, W. B. Lane
Presenters: A. G. Cano, W. B. Lane, S. Nguyen, C. Paul, B. Pollard, M. Swartz
Prepatory Material: Suggests Smith and Smith; Paul and Webb; Simmons and Heckler

Ballroom A8

Talk Symposium
Team-work in Labs: Evidence from Research
Moderator: G. Quan
Presenters: K. Ansell, V. Borish, A. B. Heim, M. Dew, N. G. Holmes, J. Ives, H. J. Lewandowski, A. Loveridge, K. Oliver, M. Sundstrom, A. Schang, C. Walsh, B. R. Wilcox, D. G. Wu

Ballroom A7

Talk Symposium
Success Stories in Education Reform
Moderator: C. Henderson
Presenters: S. Allen, S. Chasteen, S. Pollock, T. Stelzer

Meeting Room 2

Round Table Discussion
Research-based Assessments in the Digital Age: Validity, Reliability, Accessibility
Facilitator: D. Wagner
Preparatory material: Suggests Madsen and McKagan and Van Dusen et al.

Meeting Room 3

Critical Conversation
Doing PER in Partnership with Two-Year Colleges
Presenters: A. Daane, K. Diff, K. Lui, C. Monsalves, S. Savrda, V. Sawtelle
Preparatory material: Suggests Kanim and Cid and viewing AACC's 2023 Fast Facts

Meeting Room 4

Using MAXQDA Software Effectively and Efficiently for Qualitative and Mixed Method Data Analysis
Presenters: D. Izadi, C. Myers, B. Stanley
Facilitator request: Participants have a laptop with the MAXQDA trial installed

9:30am Break
Ballroom A1
Plenary 3

Empowering scholars to change the culture of STEM pedagogy to be more inclusive and equitable
Speaker: Kim Coble - Presentation

Reforming Large STEM Introductory Courses Through Communities of Practice
Speaker: Jose P. Mestre - Presentation

PERC Proceedings Timeline
Speaker: Lyle Barbato - Presentation

Community Connections 2
Ballroom A9

Alternative Careers for PER Graduates: Primary Teaching Positions at Large R1 Universities
Hosts: Erin Scanlon (she/her), University of Connecticut – Avery Point; Xian Wu, University of Connecticut; Daryl McPadden, Michigan State University

Ballroom A8

Intro Astronomy Community
Host: Kim Coble, San Francisco State University

Ballroom A7

Host: Liam McDermott (he/they), Rutgers University

Meeting Room 2

Making Connections in Cross-Discipline Based Education Research (XDBER)
Host: Jason Morphew (he/him), Purdue University

Meeting Room 3

Meet with your Journal Editor II: The Physics Teacher
Host: Gary White, Editor of The Physics Teacher, AAPT and The George Washington University

12:00pm Lunch on your own
1:45pm Poster Session 2 Setup
Ballrooms A5-A6 & A10-11
Poster Session 2
Presenters with odd-numbered posters will present during the first 35 minutes. Following a 5 minute transition period, presenters with even-numbered posters will present during the last 35 minutes.

Poster Session 2 abstracts and layout
3:15pm Break
Parallel Sessions Cluster 2
Ballroom A1

Critical Conversation
Referee Guidelines to maintain clarity and generativity of quantitative research studies in Physical Review Physics Education Research
Presenters: E. Brewe, A. Heckler, R. Henderson, E. Kuo, T. Stelzer

Ballroom A9

Poster Symposium
Computation in the Physics Classroom and Physics Curricula
Moderator: C. Solorio
Presenters: T. M. Galanti, W. B. Lane, T. O. B. Odden, X. Rozas, H. C. Sabo

Ballroom A8

Round Table Discussion
The “International Handbook of Physics Education Research”: Insights, Themes, and Future Directions
Moderator: F. Tasar

Ballroom A7

Critical Conversation
Comparing different models for instructional materials based on a resources framework
Moderator: S. McKagan
Presenters: A. Elby, E. Etkina, L. Goodhew, A. Robertson
Preparatory material: Suggests Etkina and Van Heuvelen; Boudreaux and Elby; Robertson et al. and websites Isle Physics; Open Source Tutorials; ACORN Physics Tutorials

Meeting Room 2

Round Table Discussion
Exploring Culture in Physics
Discussant: A. Daane
Presenters: B. Archibeque, A. Chase, F. Dachille, C. Mathis

Meeting Room 3

Using AI to Streamline your Physics Education Research Practice
Facilitators: R. Lindell, L. McDermott
Facilitator request: Participants have a laptop with free Chat GPT 3.5Bard, and Bing AI personal accounts.

Meeting Room 4

Fostering Effective and Inclusive Group Work
Facilitators: M. Guthrie, E. Scanlon, X. Wu

End of PERC

Parallel Session Room Map

Map of Rooms in Ballroom A of the SAFE Convention Center

Map to Convention Center

Map to PERC Location in Ballroom A of the SAFE Convention Center