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PERC 2013 Proceedings Paper Award - finalists and winner

published by PERLOC
January 30, 2014

The Physics Education Research Leadership and Organizing Council (PERLOC) is pleased to announce the finalists and winners of the 2013 PERC Proceedings Paper Award.

Winning Paper:
Scherr, R.E, Robertson, A.D., Seeley, L. & Vokos, S.
Content knowledge for teaching energy: An example from middle-school physical science.

Finalists (alphabetical):
Close, H.G., Schiber, C.C., Close, E.W., & Donnelly, D.
Students' dynamic geometric reasoning about quantum spin-1/2 states.

Zwickl, B. M., Hirokawa, T., Finkelstein, N. & Lewandowski, H. J.
Development and results from a survey on students' views of experiments in lab classes and research.

All contributed and invited papers were automatically considered for the award. The winning paper was selected based on feedback from paper reviewers, the 2013 PERC Proceedings editors, and a committee selected by the Physics Education Research Leadership Organizing Council. These papers were selected because they are noteworthy in terms of the quality of research, the clarity of the paper, and the anticipated impact on the PER Community.

We would like to thank all reviewers and editors for their role in reviewing and supporting the work of our research community.

We extend our congratulations to the finalists for this award.

The PERC Proceedings Award Committee,
Leslie Atkins
Steve Kanim
Ellie Sayre