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written by Eric Brewe, Vashti Sawtelle, Daryl R. McPadden, and Renee Michelle Goertzen
This website holds the Modeling Instruction curriculum developed by the Florida International University  Physics Education Research Group. The website provides the materials required to use modeling instructional approaches in a first-semester university physics course. These materials include worksheets and labs for students. In addition, instructor notes are provided to explain the goals of the various exercises, how activities are best run, and what instructors may expect during the activities. Instructor help also includes example videos of group and whole-class interactions and explanations and discussions of modeling instruction.
Subjects Levels Resource Types
Classical Mechanics
- Linear Momentum
- Motion in One Dimension
- Motion in Two Dimensions
- Newton's Second Law
- Rotational Dynamics
- Work and Energy
General Physics
- Collections
= Introductory Mechanics
Oscillations & Waves
- Oscillations
= Simple Harmonic Motion
- Lower Undergraduate
- Instructional Material
= Activity
= Best practice
= Curriculum
= Instructor Guide/Manual
= Lesson/Lesson Plan
PER-Central Type Intended Users Ratings
- Curriculum
- Educators
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Florida International University Physics Education Research Group
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