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written by Elaine Seymour and Anne-Barrie Hunter
The book Talking about Leaving Revisited discusses findings from a five-year study that explores the extent, nature, and contributory causes of field-switching both from and among STEM majors, and what factors enable persistence to graduation. The book reflects on what has and has not changed since publication of Talking about Leaving: Why Undergraduates Leave the Sciences (Elaine Seymour & Nancy M. Hewitt, Westview Press, 1997).  With the editors' guidance, the authors of each chapter collaborate to address key questions, drawing on findings from each related study source: national and institutional data, interviews with faculty and students, structured observations and student assessments of teaching methods in STEM gateway courses. Aimed at a wide audience, engaging in style, and illustrated in the interviewees' own words, this book affords a comprehensive explanatory account to date of persistence, relocation and loss in undergraduate sciences.
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© 2019 Seymour, E. and Hunter, A.
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ISBN: 978-3-030-25304-2
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STEM education, STEM talent drain, diversity, diversity issues, education reform, student retention
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