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written by Thomas L. O'Kuma, David Maloney, and Curtis J. Hieggelke
published by the Addison-Wesley
This is a resource book for physics educators containing approximately 200 Ranking Task Exercises (conceptual exercises that ask students to make comparative judgments about a set of variations on a particular physics situation) which cover all classical physics topics.
Series Name:  Educational Innovation- Physics
Pages 140
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Education - Applied Research
- Active Learning
- Pedagogy
Education - Basic Research
- Cognition
General Physics
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- Lower Undergraduate
- High School
- Graduate/Professional
- Upper Undergraduate
- Collection
- Instructional Material
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= Instructor Guide/Manual
- Assessment Material
= Test
- Reference Material
= Research study
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prior knowledge, active learning, conceptual understanding, misconceptions, new teacher resources, peer discourse, problem solving, ranking task, student understanding
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