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Reviews in Physics Education Research

Physics Education Research (PER) has produced a large body of research literature that has powerful implications for physics instruction. Yet it is often difficult to extract the implications of many research articles published over many years.

In the review articles published in this series, researchers help bridge research and practice, bringing the results of extended, multi-year research and development projects to the instructional community. This webpage is your introduction to a series of edited collections of peer-reviewed review articles on a related topic.

Volume 2: Getting Started in PER

A collection of articles that provides an accessible overview of basic issues related to conducting Physics Education Research.

Issue 5 - Research Traditions within PER

Issue 4 - 2018

Issue 3 - 2012

Issue 2 - 2011

Issue 1 - 2009

Volume 1: Research-Based Reform of University Physics

A set of review articles on research-based reform curricula and curricular components for calculus-based introductory physics.

Issue 1 - Spring 2007

If you are interested in editing a volume for this series, please get in touch with Bruce Mason at bmason@ou.edu.