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Reviews in PER Volume 2: Getting Started in Physics Education Research

Charles Henderson and Kathleen A. Harper, editors

Physics Education Research (PER) is a rapidly growing research field within physics departments. There is currently no place for a newcomer to turn for a quality overview of the types of research questions asked by the PER community, the types of research methods used to answer these questions, and the norms for reporting on this research.

For this volume, members of the PER community were invited to present an accessible overview of an area of PER in which they have expertise. We see the primary audience for this volume as people who are interested in beginning to do work in PER. This includes physics faculty and teachers who are not trained in PER as well as graduate students in PER. Of course, we also expect this volume to be a useful reference for current PER practitioners, as no one is an expert in every aspect of this broad field.

These invited articles have been carefully peer reviewed. If you would like to submit a comment on one of these articles, please email Charles Henderson or Kathleen A. Harper. It will be peer reviewed and, if accepted, will be published as an addendum to the articles in each issue.

Issue 5 - Research Traditions within PER

Charles Henderson, Kathleen A. Harper, and Amy D. Robertson, editors

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Issue 4 - 2018

Issue 3 - 2012

Issue 2 - 2011

Issue 1 - 2009

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