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PER Conference Series

Upcoming PER Conferences

PERC 2024 - Boston, Massachusetts

Bridging the Institutional Gap: PER at Primarily Undergraduate Four Year Institution, Two-Year College, and K-12 Levels

Previous PER Conferences

PERC 2023 - Sacramento, California

Working Together to Strengthen PER Community of Practice

PERC 2022 - Grand Rapids, MI

Queering Physics Education

PERC 2021 - Online

Making Physics More Inclusive and Eradicating Exclusive Practices in Physics

PERC 2020 - Online

Insights, Reflections, & Future Directions: Emergent Themes in the Evolving PER Community

PERC 2019 - Provo, UT

Physics Outside of the Classroom: Teaching, Learning, and Cultural Engagement in Informal Physics Environments

PERC 2018 - Washington, DC

Having Wonderful Ideas: Connecting the Content, Outcomes, and Pedagogies of Physics

PERC 2017 - Cincinnati, OH

Mathematization and Physics Education Research

PERC 2016 - Sacramento, CA

A Methodological Approach to PER

PERC 2015 - College Park, MD

Critical examination of laboratory-centered instruction and experimental research in physics education

PERC 2014 - Minneapolis, MN

Outpacing New Technologies with Novel Pedagogies: The Role of PER in the Transforming Landscape of Higher Education

PERC 2013 - Portland, OR

From fearing physics to having fun with physics: Exploring the affective domain of physics learning from multiple perspectives

PERC 2012 - Philadelphia, PA

Cultural perspectives on learners' performance & identity in physics

PERC 2011 - Omaha, NE

Frontiers in Assessment: Instrumentation, Goals & Practices

PERC 2010 - Portland, OR

Uncovering the hidden curriculum: Research on scientific, critical, and reflective thinking in the physics classroom

PERC 2009 - Ann Arbor, MI

Physics Education Research across Paradigms

PERC 2008 - Edmonton, Canada

Physics Education Research with Diverse Student Populations

PERC 2007 - Greensboro, NC

Cognitive Science and Physics Education Research

PERC 2006 - Syracuse, NY

Discipline-based Education Research in Other STEM Disciplines

PERC 2005 - Salt Lake City, UT

Connecting Physics Education Research (PER) to Teacher Education at All Levels: K-20

PERC 2004 - Sacramento, CA

Transfer of Learning

PERC 2003 - Madison, WI

The Practice of Analysis as a Window on Theory

PERC 2002 - Boise, ID

Alternative Approaches to Assessment in Physics Teaching and Research in Physics Learning

PERC 2001 - Rochester, NY

Research at the Interface

PERC 2000 - Guelph

Teacher Education

PERC 1999 - San Antonio, TX

PERC 1998 - Lincoln, NE

PER Working Session 1997 - Denver, CO