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PERC 2008 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Identifying Student Difficulty in Problem Solving Process via the Framework of the House Model(HM)
Abstract: Recently, many students have been losing their interest in physics. One of the essential reasons why students look away from physics is the fact that they face difficulty in solving physics problems. Since mechanics is a fundamental subject in physics, many researchers have studied how students learn mechanics and solve problems related to mechanics. However, there is little research on the students' specific difficulties in the process of problem solving. This study investigated students' specific difficulties (with degrees of difficulties) and the core sources of these difficulties. Twenty-five university students who majored in physics education participated in this study. We have developed a framework, the House Model, for helping and analyzing students' problem solving. We found that students felt greater difficulty in planning and executing steps than in visualizing, knowing and finding steps. As the problems grew in difficulty, this pattern became more distinct. We will also describe the sources of the students' difficulties and discuss the educational implications of these results.
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Author's Note: One of our poster's co-authors (Yongwook Cheong) was removed on the final Contributed Paper and Poster. He helped our research, but felt it was not enough to be included as an author.
Upon reflection and our reviewers' advice, we altered parts of the article's title and body.

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Taejin Byun
Seoul National University
and Co-Presenter(s)
Yongwook Cheong, Sangwoo Ha and Gyoungho Lee, Seoul National University