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PERC 2008 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Collaborative Diagnosis of Scientific and Pedagogical Conceptions: Training Preservice Teachers
Abstract: One of the important skills of teaching is the ability to follow closely the students' conceptual understanding and to respond accordingly with appropriate instruction. This poster is concerned with the design and study of Collaborative Diagnosis of Conceptions (CDC), an instructional strategy aimed at developing pre-service teachers' deep understanding of content and at the same time develop their pedagogic content knowledge about ways to interact in the future with their students' conceptual understanding using a similar instructional strategy. The CDC strategy was tried out and studied in a geometrical optics course with a total of 123 pre-service elementary science teachers from multicultural backgrounds (rural Bedouin communities and multicultural urban communities).

The results of the study show that the pre-service teachers, in particularly the low achieving students, advanced significantly in their understanding of the optical concepts. However, only after we added a meta-cognitive component requiring the pre-service teachers to discuss and explicate, continuously, the pedagogical characteristics of the strategy, they also advanced significantly in their understanding of the pedagogical merit of this strategy.
Abstract Type: Targeted Poster
Targeted Session: Developing Learning Skills in the Physics Classroom to Attend to Diverse Populations

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Osnat Eldar
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
and Co-Presenter(s)
Bat-Sheva Eylon, Miky Ronen
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel