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PERC 2008 Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the PERC 2008 Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the abstract list, or search the abstracts here.

  Name Primary Contact Abstract Type
  Identification of Specific Cognitive Processes Used for In-Depth Problem Solving Adams, Wendy Contributed Poster
  What Levels of Guidance Elicit Engaged Exploration with Interactive Simulations? Adams, Wendy Contributed Poster
  Implementing Tutorials in a Statistical Physics Course Alarcon, Hugo Contributed Poster
  Learning and Success in Introductory Physics for Black Science Students in the Post-Apartheid Era Allie, Saalih Targeted Poster
  The Roles of Evidence in Scientific Argument Atkins, Leslie Contributed Poster
  Student Understanding of Quantum Measurement and Uncertainty Baily, Charles Contributed Poster
  Using Warrants as a Window to Epistemic Framing Bing, Thomas Contributed Poster
  Southwest Ohio Science Institutes: A Partnership Model for Professional Development Blue, Jennifer Contributed Poster
  Latent Response Times and Cognitive Processing on the FMCE Bonham, Scott Contributed Poster
  Improving Learning for Underrepresented Groups in Introductory Physics for Engineering Majors Brahmia, Suzanne White Targeted Poster
  Applications of PER in Diverse Settings: Perspectives on Audience, Method and Implementation Brewe, Eric Targeted Poster Session
  Using Educational Reform as a Kernel for Growing Community at a Hispanic Serving Institution Brewe, Eric Targeted Poster
  The Specificity Effect: Implications for Transfer in Physics Learning Brookes, David T. Contributed Poster
  Identifying and Addressing Partial Differentiation Difficulties in Calculus and Thermodynamics Bucy, Brandon R. Contributed Poster
  Identifying Student Difficulty in Problem Solving Process via the Framework of the House Model(HM) Byun, Taejin Contributed Poster
  Examples of Student Geometric Reasoning in Upper-Division E&M Problems Cerny, Leonard Contributed Poster
  Assessing Student Understanding in Upper-Division Undergraduate Electricity & Magnetism I Chasteen, Stephanie V. Contributed Poster
  Assessing the Concepts of Integration and Differentiation in Multivariable Calculus Christensen, Warren M. Contributed Poster
  Evaluating How Students View Questioning in the Physics Class Cochran, Geraldine PER Dating Service
  Understanding and Encouraging Effective Collaboration in Introductory Physics Courses [1] Cochran, Geraldine L. Contributed Poster
  Gender and Student Achievement with Peer Instruction Crouch, Catherine Targeted Poster
  Does PER-Based Instruction Help Underrepresented Groups Succeed, and How Can It Do So Better? Crouch, Catherine H. Targeted Poster Session
  It Works There. Will It Work Here? Cummings, Karen Targeted Poster Session
  A Study of Peer Instruction Methods with High School Physics Students Cummings, Karen Contributed Poster
  Adaptations of the Physics By Inquiry Curriculum: Part I - Tips for Successful Implementation ... Cummings, Karen Targeted Poster
  Showing Ourselves Friendly: Addressing Race in Physics Culture Dancy, Melissa H. Targeted Poster Session
  Understanding Privilege: An Interactive Poster Dancy, Melissa H. Targeted Poster
  Lessons from the Adaptation and Implementation of a Non-Traditional Introductory Physics Course De Leone, Charles Targeted Poster
  Developing a Framework for Analyzing Student Summaries of Textbooks Demaree, Dedra Contributed Poster
  Making Sense of Measurements, Making Sense of the Textbook Demaree, Dedra Targeted Poster
  A Variety of Diversity: Facing Higher Education's Educational Challenges Dey, Eric Invited Talk
  The Gender Gap on the FCI - Question by Question Dietz, Richard D. Contributed Poster
  Assessing the Effect of Single-Concept Clicker Sequences on Students' Learning Ding, Lin Contributed Poster
  How Differentials are Taught in Mathematics and Used in Physics Dominguez, Angeles Contributed Poster
  Probing Student Online Discussion Behavior with a Course Blog in Introductory Physics Duda, Gintaras K. Contributed Poster
  Implementing PER in Other Cultures Dykstra, Dewey Targeted Poster Session
  Experiences Sharing PER in Mexico Dykstra, Dewey Targeted Poster
  Collaborative Diagnosis of Scientific and Pedagogical Conceptions: Training Preservice Teachers Eldar, Osnat Targeted Poster
  Helping Students Develop Scientific Habits of Mind Etkina, Eugenia Targeted Poster
  A Design and Evaluation Study for Teaching Science Safely in South Dakota Ezrailson, Cathy Mariotti Contributed Poster
  Evaluating Safe Science Teaching Practice in the U.S. Ezrailson, Cathy Mariotti PER Dating Service
  Acting in Our Own Self-Interest: Blending University and Community Finkelstein, Noah Targeted Poster
  Applying Successful Techniques to Transform Physics and Astronomy in Urban Classrooms* Gallardo, Sean Contributed Poster
  Resources Students Use to Understand Quantum Mechanical Operators Gire, Elizabeth Contributed Poster
  How TAs Infer Understanding from Student Responses Goertzen, Renee Michelle Contributed Poster
  Analysis of Learning Assistants Views of Teaching and Learning Gray, Kara E. Contributed Poster
  Ontologies of Physics Concepts: A Toy Model Gupta, Ayush Contributed Poster
  What is Nepantla and How Might It Help Educational Researchers Conceptualize Knowledge for Teaching? Gutiérrez, Rochelle Invited Talk
  The Dynamics of Small Group Verbal Interaction: A Case Study in Mechanics Problem Solving Ha, Sangwoo Contributed Poster
  Students' Understanding of Inclined Planes Using the CoMPASS Curriculum Haynicz, Jacquelyn J. Contributed Poster
  Gender Differences in both Force Concept Inventory and Introductory Physics Performance Heller, Kenneth Targeted Poster
  Facilitating Change in Undergraduate STEM: Preliminary Results from an Interdisciplinary Literature Henderson, Charles Contributed Poster
  Reflective Problem Solving Skills are Essential for Learning, but It is not My Job to Teach Them Henderson, Charles Targeted Poster
  Student Difficulty with Vector Field Notation in Upper Level E&M Hinrichs, Brant Contributed Poster
  Inside the Golden Kingdom: Views of Physics from "Inside the Double Bind" Hodari, Apriel K. Targeted Poster
  Adaptations of the Physics By Inquiry Curriculum: Part II-Assessing Shifts in Student Attitudes Hsu, Leon Targeted Poster
  Disentangling the Force Concept Inventory Using Latent Class Analysis Ivanov, Ivan Contributed Poster
  Similarities and Differences in Ideas Generated by Students: US Students vs. Tibetan Buddhist Monks Johnson, Andy Targeted Poster
  Pre-Service Teachers' Conceptual Understanding of and Attitudes toward Physics Jones, Stan Contributed Poster
  Inequities in Physics Access and Enrollment in Urban High Schools Kelly, Angela Invited Talk
  Targeting Student Success and Retention through Development of Scientific Reasoning Skills Koenig, Kathleen Contributed Poster
  New Research from Cross Culture Studies Koenig, Kathy Targeted Poster
  Studio Physics at the Colorado School of Mines: Studying the Implementation Kohl, Patrick B. Contributed Poster
  The Persistence of the Gender Gap in Introductory Physics Kost, Lauren Contributed Poster
  College Students' Lunar Phases Concept Domain Lindell, Rebecca S. Contributed Poster
  Curriculum Design for the Algebra-Based Course: Just Change the d’s to Deltas? Loverude, Michael Targeted Poster
  How Students Delineate "Force" from Other Terminology: Is There Change Following Instruction? Maier, Steven J. Contributed Poster
  A Race-Identity Perspective on Mathematics Learning and Participation Martin, Danny B. Invited Talk
  Effect of Initial Conditions and Discussion on Predictions for Interactive Lecture Demonstrations Marx, Jeffrey Contributed Poster
  Identifying Differences in Diagnostic Skills between Physics Students: Developing a Rubric Mason, Andrew Contributed Poster
  Students' Use of Structure Maps to Facilitate Problem Solving in Algebra-Based Physics Mateycik, Fran Contributed Poster
  New Media and Models for Engaging Under-Represented Students in Science Mayhew, Laurel M. Contributed Poster
  Examining Student Responses for Meaningful Understanding in the Context of Wavefront Aberrometry McBride, Dyan L. Contributed Poster
  An Investigation of Student Ability to Connect Particulate and Macroscopic Representations of a Gas Monteyne, Kereen Contributed Poster
  Learning Problem-Solving Using Formative Assessment Rubrics Murthy, Sahana Contributed Poster
  From Physics Major to Physics Teacher and From Elementary Teacher to Elementary Physics Teacher Otero, Valerie Contributed Poster
  Research on Student Use of Simulations Paulson, Archie Contributed Poster
  How Abstract is Abstract? Signs, Salience, and Meaning in Physics Podolefsky, Noah S. Contributed Poster
  Student Understanding of P-V Diagrams and Conceptions about Integration Pollock, Evan B. Contributed Poster
  Comparing Student Learning with Multiple Research-Based Conceptual Surveys: CSEM and BEMA Pollock, Steven Contributed Poster
  The Persistence of the Gender Gap in Introductory Physics Pollock, Steven Targeted Poster
  Archiving Student Solutions with Tablet PCs in a Discussion-Based Introductory Physics Class Price, Edward Contributed Poster
  Student Perspectives on Learning Physics and Their Learning of Force and Motion Concepts Ramlo, Susan Targeted Poster Session
  All Roads Lead to Palinscar and Brown Richards, Evan Contributed Poster
  Which One is Right? How Students Choose between Problem Solutions Richards, Evan Contributed Poster
  Assessing Pre-Service Teachers Using an Interview Protocol Based on C-LASS Rodriguez, Idaykis Contributed Poster
  Toward a Comprehensive Picture of Student Understanding of Force, Velocity, and Acceleration Rosenblatt, Rebecca Contributed Poster
  Preliminary Study of Impulse-Momentum Diagrams Rosengrant, David Contributed Poster
  What Happens when Students Design Their Own Experiments: Frames, Goals and Strategies Ruibal-Villasenor, Maria Contributed Poster
  Involving Undergraduate Researchers in PER Sabella, Mel S. Contributed Poster
  Utilizing the Resources of Urban University Students to Develop Effective Instructional Environments Sabella, Mel S. Targeted Poster
  Physics Education Research with Diverse Student Populations Sadaghiani, Homeyra Contributed Poster
  Mind the Gap Please Sawtelle, Vashti Contributed Poster
  Student Response to Instruction: When and How Much? Sayre, Eleanor C Contributed Poster
  Impact of Chemistry Teachers' Knowledge and Practices on Student Achievement Scantlebury, Kathryn Invited Talk
  Coupling Conceptual and Quantitative Problems to Develop Student Expertise in Introductory Physics Singh, Chandralekha Contributed Poster
  Developing Learning Skills in the Physics Classroom to Attend to Diverse Populations Singh, E. Yerushalmi / C. Targeted Poster Session
  Strategy Writing and Conceptual Gains Among At-Risk Physics Students Smith, Adam D. Targeted Poster
  The Difficulties in Turning Students into Numbers Springuel, R. Padraic Contributed Poster
  Challenges Faced by a (White) Idealist Teaching Science in a Public High School in Harlem Steinberg, Richard Targeted Poster
  Curricular Process and Communicative Conception in Physics Education Tarabek, Pavol Contributed Poster
  Triangular Model of Concept Structure Tarabek, Pavol Contributed Poster
  A Taxonomy of Introductory Physics Problems (TIPP) Teodorescu, Raluca E. Contributed Poster
  Assessing Knowledge in a Graduate Course on PER Thompson, John R. Contributed Poster
  Using PER Materials and Technology with Teachers of the Very Poor in Bangalore Thornton, Ronald K. Targeted Poster
  Fostering Science Learning in Diverse Urban Settings Tobin, Kenneth Invited Talk
  Institutionalizing Change: Case Studies & Institutional Analysis of Pedagogical Reform in Intro Phys Turpen, Chandra Contributed Poster
  Reasoning Modes, Knowledge Elements, and Their Interplay in Optics Problem-Solving Undreiu, Adriana Contributed Poster
  Interactive Problem Solving Tutorials through Visual Programming Undreiu, Lucian Contributed Poster
  Learn "How to Teach Physics" from The Feynman Lectures on Physics: An Example from Gravitation University, Seoul National Round Table Discussion
  Gender Differences in Conceptual Physics Lab Technology Van Domelen, Dave Contributed Poster
  Analyzing PSET for Content, Confidence and Comfort…So Why Don’t You Want to Teach Physical Science? Van Wormer, Laura Round Table Discussion
  Network Analysis of Social Interactions in Laboratories Warren, Aaron Contributed Poster
  Examining the Effectiveness of Clickers on Student Learning by Tracking Student Responses Watkins, Erica P. Contributed Poster
  Gender Differences in Student Responses to Peer Instruction Watkins, Jessica Contributed Poster
  Gender Differences in Student Responses to Peer Instruction Watkins, Jessica Targeted Poster
  Impact of the FIU PhysTEC Reform of Introductory Physics Labs Wells, Leanne Contributed Poster
  An Idea for Generating Diversity Conversations: Physics Jeopardy and the Future Faces of Physics Kit White, Gary Targeted Poster
  The Role of Inference in the Problem Solving about Friction Wook, Cheong Yong Contributed Poster
  Identifying Differences in Self-Diagnosis with Alternative Scaffolding Yerushalmi, Edit Contributed Poster
  From Diagnostic Skills to Success in the Physics Classroom Yerushalmi, Edit Targeted Poster
  Proving Process: Minority High Achievers in the Classroom Younger, Toyia K. Targeted Poster
  Evaluation of Instruction Using the Conceptual Survey of Electricity and Magnetism in Mexico Zavala, Genaro Contributed Poster
  Implementing Tutorials in Introductory Physics in an International Context: The Effect of Language Zavala, Genaro Contributed Poster
  Tutorials in Introductory Physics: A Mexican Experience Zavala, Genaro Contributed Poster
  An Investigation of the Concept of Vectors with College Students in Mexico Zavala, Genaro Contributed Poster