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PERC 2008 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Showing Ourselves Friendly: Addressing Race in Physics Culture
Abstract: It is said that if you want to be a friend, you must show yourself friendly.  This means that in order to forge a connection, we must deal with our own actions rather than the actions of those we want to befriend.  This year's PERC has been organized around issues of diversity, and this targeted poster session focuses specifically on issues of race.  In order to show ourselves friendly in this context, we must examine our own behaviors and the effects they have on racial minorities.  Each poster in this session offers us an opportunity to examine our own contributions to the racial aspects of physics culture.  We hope that you will accept the invitation this opportunity extends, and share your ideas and experiences with us.
Abstract Type: Targeted Poster Session

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Melissa H. Dancy

Targeted Poster Session Specific Information

Poster 1 Title: Understanding Privilege: An Interactive Poster
Poster 1 Authors: Melissa H. Dancy, melissa.dancy@gmail.com
Poster 2 Title: An Idea for Generating Diversity Conversations: Physics Jeopardy and the "Future Faces of Physics" Kit
Poster 2 Authors: Gary White and Kendra Rand
Society of Physics Students
American Institute of Physics
krand@aip.org, gwhite@aip.org
Poster 3 Title: Inside the Golden Kingdom: Views of Physics from "Inside the Double Bind"
Poster 3 Authors: Apriel K. Hodari
National Society of Black Physicists

Maria (Mia) Ong
Poster 4 Title: Proving Process: Minority High Achievers in the Classroom
Poster 4 Authors: Toyia K. Younger and Sharon Fries-Britt
University of Maryland College Park
tyounger@umd.edu, sfries@umd.edu