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PERC 2009 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Tapping into Juniors’ Understanding of E&M: The CO Upper-Division Electrostatics (CUE) Diagnostic
Abstract: As part of an effort to systematically improve our junior-level E&M I course, we are developing a tool to assess the effectiveness of the course transformations.  With a group of PER and non-PER faculty, we began by explicitly defining what students should be able to do at the end of the course (the learning goals). We established a list of 11 such goals, such as  "choose and apply the appropriate problem-solving technique" and "sketch the physical parameters of a problem." These goals, in conjunction with student observations and interviews, served as a guide for the working group to create the CUE assessment.  The result is a 17-question open-ended post-test (with an optional 7-question pre-test) diagnostic, with an accompanying grading rubric.  We present the preliminary validation of the instrument and rubric, plus results from 4 semesters at the University of Colorado, and 4 additional universities.
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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Stephanie V. Chasteen
University of Colorado at Boulder - Science Education Initiative
UCB 390
Boulder, CO 80309
and Co-Presenter(s)
Steven J. Pollock
University of Colorado at Boulder - Physics Department
steven.pollock -at- colorado.edu

Carl E. Wieman
University of British Columbia
Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative
cwieman -at- exchange.ubc.c