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PERC 2009 Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2009 PER Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the abstract list, or search the abstracts here.

  Name Primary Contact Abstract Type
  A Research-based Approach to Transforming Upper-division Electricity & Magnetism I Steven Pollock Targeted Poster
  A Study of Undergraduate and Graduate Student Conceptions of Teaching Benjamin T. Spike Contributed Poster
  Active Learning of Physics by Modeling Nilufer Didis Contributed Poster
  Addressing Barriers to Conceptual Understanding in IE Physics Courses Vincent Coletta Contributed Poster
  Addressing student difficulties considering entropy and heat engines Trevor I. Smith Contributed Poster
  Addressing the Shortcomings of a Textbook with a Supplemental Wiki David E. Pritchard Contributed Poster
  An Assessment Design Rubric for a Reformed Introductory Physics Curriculum Wendi Wampler Contributed Poster
  Analysis of Former Learning Assistants’ Views on Teaching and Learning Kara E. Gray Contributed Poster
  Applying Knowledge in New Contexts: A Comparison of Pre- and Post-Instruction Students Dyan L. McBride Contributed Poster
  Are Students' Responses to Surveys and Their Behaviors Consistent? Umporn Wutchana Contributed Poster
  Assessment of Student Problem Solving Processes Jennifer Docktor Targeted Poster
  Bridging Cognitive and Neural Aspects of Classroom Learning Michael Posner Invited Talk
  Broadening Our Lens: Introduction to the Sessions Noah D. Finkelstein Targeted Poster
  Broadening Our Lens: Socio-Cultural Perspectives in PER (Part I: Artifacts and Mediation) Noah Finkelstein Targeted Poster Session
  Broadening Our Lens: Socio-Cultural Perspectives in PER (Part II: Communities & Social Interaction) Noah Finkelstein Targeted Poster Session
  Building a Professional Learning Community of Physics Teachers Eugenia Etkina Targeted Poster
  Can We Assess Efficiency and Innovation in Transfer?* N. Sanjay Rebello Contributed Poster
  Categorization of Problems to Assess and Improve Student Proficiency as Teacher and Learner Chandralekha Singh Targeted Poster
  Categorization of Quantum Mechanics Problems by Professors and Students Shih-Yin Lin Contributed Poster
  Causality in Pieces: The Construction of Causal Schemes Andrea diSessa Invited Talk
  Cognition of an Expert Tackling an Unfamiliar Conceptual Physics Problem David Schuster Round Table Discussion
  Cognitive Development at the Middle-division Level Corinne A. Manogue Targeted Poster
  Cognitive Issues and Appraoches to Improving Students' Understanding of Quantum Mechanics Chandralekha Singh Targeted Poster
  Cognitive Issues in Developing Curriculum for Upper-Level Physics Courses Chandralekha Singh Targeted Poster Session
  Communicating across Paradigms: Boundary-Crossing in an Interdisciplinary World Julie Libarkin Contributed Poster
  Comparing Cluster Analysis and Traditional Analysis Methods in PER: More Data R. Padraic Springuel Contributed Poster
  Comparing Experts and Novices in Solving Electrical Circuits Problems with the Help of Eye Tracking David Rosengrant Contributed Poster
  Comparing Problem Solving Attitudes of Introductory Students, Physics Graduate Students and Faculty Chandralekha Singh Contributed Poster
  Comparing Three Methods for Teaching Newton's Second Law Michael C. Wittmann Contributed Poster
  Comparing the Effect of Simulations and Hands on Activities on Student Learning* Adrian Carmichael Contributed Poster
  Comparing the Effect of Simulations and Hands-on Activities on Student Learning* Adrian Carmichael Contributed Poster
  Computational Physics Undergraduate Research Experience (A Case Study) Homeyra Sadaghiani Contributed Poster
  Computer Simulations to Classrooms: Cultural Tools for Learning Physics Noah Podolefsky Targeted Poster
  Conceptual Difficulties with Binomial Distributions in Statistical Physics Donald B. Mountcastle Contributed Poster
  Conceptually Scaffolded Problem Solving Lin Ding Contributed Poster
  Describing Student Approaches to Laboratory Activities: Epistemology in a Reformed Lab Setting Christopher W. Shubert Contributed Poster
  Developing Pedagogically-Relevant Physics Content Knowledge through Asynchronous Online Discussions Danielle Boyd Harlow Contributed Poster
  Development of an Assessment of Textbook Problem-Solving Ability Jeff Marx Contributed Poster
  Diagnosing Student Conceptions with a Cross Paradigm Method Derya Kaltakci Cancelled Contributed Poster
  Do Advanced Students Learn from Their Mistakes without Explicit Intervention? Andrew J. Mason Contributed Poster
  Does the Teaching/Learning Interview Provide an Accurate Snapshot of Classroom Learning?* Jacquelyn J. Chini Contributed Poster
  Effect of Peer Instruction on Student Conceptual Understanding: a Systematic Review of Literature Ahmed Ibrahim Contributed Poster
  Effects of Single Sex Lab Groups on Physics Self-efficacy, Behavior, and Academic Performance Gary Hunt Contributed Poster
  Evolution of Socio-Cultural Perspectives in My Research Valerie Otero Targeted Poster
  Examining Change Strategies in University STEM Education Andrea Beach Contributed Poster
  Exploring Student Consistency in Vector Addition Method Choices Jeffrey Hawkins Contributed Poster
  Facilitating Students' Transfer of Problem Solving Across Representations* Dong-Hai Nguyen Contributed Poster
  Faculty Disagreement about the Teaching of Quantum Mechanics Michael Dubson Contributed Poster
  Foundations of Course Reform for Introductory Physics David E. Pritchard Targeted Poster Session
  How Do Students Process a Worked Example? Adam D. Smith Contributed Poster
  How Do Tutorial TAs Set the Tone for Their Students? Renee Michelle Goertzen Contributed Poster
  How Tools Shape Classroom Practices and Collaboration: Examples from Introductory Physics Classes Using Tablet PCs Edward Price Targeted Poster
  I Think I Can: Investigating the Impact of Physics Problem Solving on Student Self-efficacy* Vashti Sawtelle Contributed Poster
  Identifying Student Difficulties with Density and Buoyancy DJ Wagner Contributed Poster
  Identifying Student Difficulties with Pressure in a Fluid Adam Moyer Contributed Poster
  Impact of the FIU PhysTEC Reform of Introductory Physics Labs Idaykis Rodriguez Contributed Poster
  Improving Student Understanding of Stern Gerlach Experiment Guangtian Zhu Contributed Poster
  In-Service Science Teachers' Newtonian Conceptual Understanding before & after a One-Week Workshop Susan Ramlo Contributed Poster
  Influence of the Scientific Reasoning on College Students' Physics Learning Hugo Alarcon Contributed Poster
  Instructional Innovations in Physics and Their Effects on Student Learning Heidi Iverson Contributed Poster
  Introductory Physics Gender Gaps: Pre- and Post-Studio Transition Patrick Kohl Contributed Poster
  Investigating Student Communities with Network Analysis of Interactions in a Physics Learning Center Eric Brewe Contributed Poster
  Investigation of Students’ Alternative Conceptions of Vector Direction with Mexican Students Genaro Zavala Contributed Poster
  Joint Engineering and Physics Education Research Projects – Should there be more of them? Katie Nagle Contributed Poster
  Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of College Physics Instructors: Results of a National Survey Melissa Dancy Contributed Poster
  Learning about Student Learning in Intermediate Mechanics: Using Research to Improve Instruction Bradley Ambrose Targeted Poster
  Learning to Teach Science through Informal Science Education Experiences Laurel M. Mayhew Contributed Poster
  Locus of Authority in Learning, Teaching, and Research. Yuhfen Lin Contributed Poster
  Long-term Observation in Middle School Astronomy Bill Schmitt Contributed Poster
  Longer Term Impacts of Transformed Courses on Student Conceptual Understanding of E&M Steven Pollock Contributed Poster
  Maple as a Learning Tool in an Introductory Physics Course Juliana Carvalho Contributed Poster
  Measuring Science Teacher Knowledge: Domain-General or Domain-Specific? Robert M. Talbot III Contributed Poster
  Measuring Students’ Beliefs about Physics in Saudi Arabia Hisham A. Alhadlaq Contributed Poster
  Methods and Experimental Designs in Cognitive Studies Jose P. Mestre Workshop
  Modeling Applied to Problem Solving Andrew Pawl Targeted Poster
  Modeling Student Conceptual Understanding of Force, Velocity, and Acceleration Rebecca Rosenblatt Contributed Poster
  Modeling the Creation of Procedural Resources Katrina Black Contributed Poster
  Moving Between Discourses: From Learning-as-acquisition to Learning-as-participation Anna Sfard Invited Talk
  Moving Beyond the Classroom: Socio-cultural Motivation for Expanding the Unit of Analysis Eric Brewe Targeted Poster
  Moving Towards PBL & PI - A Canadian-Indian Partnership Karim Jaffer Contributed Poster
  Negotiating Meaning: The Role of Assessment Rubrics and Diagnostic Guidelines Edit Yerushalmi Targeted Poster Session
  Newton's Third Law in Middle School Gordon Aubrecht Contributed Poster
  Nonlinear Development of Newtonian Concepts Paul J. Camp Contributed Poster
  Observations of General Learning Patterns in an Upper-Level Thermal Physics Course David E. Meltzer Targeted Poster
  Online Data Collection and Analysis in Introductory Physics Chris M. Nakamura Contributed Poster
  Open Online Physics Homework Forums Brett van de Sande Contributed Poster
  Our Classrooms as Cultural Systems: An Examination of Social and Cultural Influences in Two Educational Environments Noah Finkelstein Targeted Poster
  PER in Early Grades: Introducing the Tools of Physicists to Young Children Jason Kahn Contributed Poster
  PER in Polynesia Brian A Pyper Contributed Poster
  PER – Community Enhancing Network for Teaching, Research and Learning H. Vincent Kuo Contributed Poster
  PUM: Developing Reasoning Skills in the First Physics Courses Suzanne White Brahmia Contributed Poster
  Pedagogical Approaches for Enhancing Cognitive Development in Introductory Physics Raluca Teodorescu Contributed Poster
  PhET Simulations: Should We Show the Invisible? Archie Paulson Contributed Poster
  Probing Student Understanding of Cosmology Geraldine Cochran Contributed Poster
  Probing Student Understanding of Resonance* Sytil K. Murphy Contributed Poster
  Promoting Conceptual Change and Development of Collective Responsibility Elizabeth S. Charles Targeted Poster
  Promoting Productive Communities of Practice: An Instructor's Perspective Dedra Demaree Contributed Poster
  Protocol for Analysis of Content Questions Mojgan Matloob Haghanikar Contributed Poster
  Qualitative Research Methods Valerie K. Otero Workshop
  Quiz Corrections: Improving Learning by Encouraging Students to Reflect on Their Mistakes Charles Henderson Targeted Poster
  Reaching Students through Informal Science Education Jessica Bartley Contributed Poster
  Relations between Cognitive and Affective Factors in Predicting Performance in Introductory Science Kimberly A. Shaw Contributed Poster
  Relationships across Communities of Practice Pertaining to Student Physics Learning Sissi L. Li Contributed Poster
  Research Projects in Introductory Physics: Impacts on Student Learning and Attitudes Mathew "Sandy" Martinuk Contributed Poster
  Resilience of Astronomy Misconceptions Jennifer Blue Contributed Poster
  Revising Lab Materials to Address Difficulties with Electric Circuits Rebecca Crema Contributed Poster
  Searching for "Preparation for Future Learning" Transfer in Physics Eugenia Etkina Contributed Poster
  Seeing Inquiry in the Classroom From Multiple Perspectives Tara Bartiromo Contributed Poster
  Self-Diagnosis, Scaffolding and Transfer in Introductory Physics Edit Yerushalmi Contributed Poster
  Self-diagnosis, Scaffolding and Transfer: A Tale of Two Problems Andrew Mason Targeted Poster
  Student Choices when Learning with Computer Simulations Noah Podolefsky Contributed Poster
  Student Difficulties with the Direction of Magnetic Force on a Charged Particle Thomas M. Scaife Contributed Poster
  Student Perceptions of an Introductory Laboratory Course Jennifer Blue Contributed Poster
  Student Understanding of Basic Probability Concepts in an Upper-Division Thermal Physics Course Michael Loverude Contributed Poster
  Student Understanding of Vector Products Eleanor Sayre Contributed Poster
  Students' Perceptions of a Self-Diagnosis Task Rafi' Safadi Targeted Poster
  Students’ Perceptions about PDAs as Interaction Tool in a Predominantly Hispanic Classroom* Edgar de Guzman Corpuz Contributed Poster
  Take My Survey, Please!: Comparison of Survey Response Rates Across Four Administration Factors Natan Samuels Contributed Poster
  Tapping into Juniors’ Understanding of E&M: The CO Upper-Division Electrostatics (CUE) Diagnostic Stephanie V. Chasteen Contributed Poster
  Technology as a Lens for Examining Instructor’s Pedagogical Content Knowledge Marina Milner-Bolotin Contributed Poster
  The Biology of Physics: What the Brain Reveals about Our Understanding of the Physical World Kevin Niall Dunbar Invited Talk
  The Effect of Classroom Diversity on Conceptual Learning in Physics Tetyana Antimirova Contributed Poster
  The Effect of Inquiry-Based Early Field Experience on Pre-Service Teachers Understanding & Attitudes Homeyra Sadaghiani Contributed Poster
  The Effect of Representations on Student Understanding of Motion Cynthia D'Angelo Contributed Poster
  The Examination of Beginning Secondary Physics Teachers’ PCK through Two Different Research Lenses Jennifer J. Neakrase Contributed Poster
  The Impact of Physics Education Research on the Teaching of Introductory Quantitative Physics Charles Henderson Contributed Poster
  The Influence of Tablet PCs on Students’ Use of Multiple Representations in Lab Reports Clarisa Bercovich Guelman Contributed Poster
  The Relative Effectiveness of an Interactive Teaching Approach Using PDAs as Interaction Tool* Edgar de Guzman Corpuz Contributed Poster
  The Use of Design-Based Research and Practitioner (Action) Research in Physics Education Research Manjula Sharma Contributed Poster
  The “RIPL” Effect on Learning Gains in Lecture at Appalachian State Patricia E. Allen Contributed Poster
  Time-Series Analysis: Detecting & Measuring Structural Changes in Knowledge Aaron R. Warren Contributed Poster
  Towards Understanding Classroom Culture: Students' Perceptions of Tutorials Chandra Turpen Contributed Poster
  Tracking Epistemological Changes throughout a Three-Course Sequence Eleanor Sayre Contributed Poster
  Transforming Upper-Division Quantum Mechanics: Learning Goals and Their Assessment Steve Goldhaber Contributed Poster
  Undergraduate Engineers' Sense-making of Mathematics Mike Hull Contributed Poster
  Understanding Graphs with and without Context: Testing an Instrument Genaro Zavala Contributed Poster
  Understanding and Teaching Quantum Interpretations in Modern Physics Courses Charles Baily Contributed Poster
  Unpacking Gender Differences in Students' Perceived Experiences in Introductory Physics Lauren Kost Contributed Poster
  Usage of the Term "Force," Reasoning Ability, and FCI Performance Steven J. Maier Contributed Poster
  Using Clickers in Upper-division Physics Courses: What do Students Think? Katherine Perkins Contributed Poster
  Using Cluster Analysis to Group Student Responses on the FMCE R. Padraic Springuel Contributed Poster
  Using Cognitive Apprenticeship Framework and Multiple-Possibility Problems to Enhance Epistemic Cog Vazgen Shekoyan Contributed Poster
  Using Item Response Models to Build a Hierarchy of Concepts and Gauge Instructional Effectiveness Douglas Van Wieren Contributed Poster
  Using Multimedia Learning Modules (MLM) as Part of a Hybrid Course in Electricity and Magnetism Homeyra Sadaghiani Contributed Poster
  Using Quantitative Demonstrations to Improve Student Understanding of Collisions Nattakit Sawadthaisong Contributed Poster
  Using Similarity Rating Tasks to Assess Case Reuse in Problem Solving* Fran Mateycik Contributed Poster
  What Do A Students Learn that D Students Don't? Analia Barrantes Targeted Poster
  What Do Seniors Remember from Freshman Physics? Analia Barrantes Targeted Poster
  What Else (Besides the Syllabus) Should Students Learn in Introductory Physics? David E. Pritchard Targeted Poster
  When Talking is Better than Keeping Quiet Nathaniel Lasry Contributed Poster
  Where Do the Student Conceptions Come from? Light and Optics Case Derya Kaltakci Cancelled Round Table Discussion
  Why Must Bulb Touch Battery? Interpretations of Fourth Graders' Thinking Victoria Winters Contributed Poster