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PERC 2010 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Who says what and when: How rules of discourse impact learning interactions
Abstract: When multiple people engage in conversational interaction, either casually or with an well-defined goal, that interaction is governed by a set of tacit rules that give rise to certain regularities in the conversation. There is a rich tradition of research that examines the moment-to-moment dynamics of naturally occurring talk-in-interaction - such as everyday conversation, tutoring, interviewing, and large group classroom discourse - to identify these rules of discourse. Knowing these rules for different interactions facilitates comparison across forms of talk and identification of continuities between them. In this work I use techniques from Conversation Analysis to understand the rules of discourse that govern the interaction of two students as they generate an explanation for magnetic attraction. Doing so allows me to examine which other conversational forms the interaction resembles, and thus speculate about which patterns of participation may either support or inhibit their learning in this interaction.
Abstract Type: Targeted Poster
Targeted Session: Out of One, Many; Five Researchers Analyze the Same Student Video

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Rosemary S. Russ
Northwestern University School of Education & Social Policy
Annenberg Hall Room 307
2120 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-0001
Phone: (847) 467-0724