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Abstract Title: Structuring Classroom Discussion Using Formative Assessment Rubrics
Abstract: There has been substantial research on students' abilities to engage in a scientific discussion and think critically in a science class.  I will discuss a view that scientific critical thinking is not something innate, but has to be learned through a socio-cultural process.  It involves inductees (students) becoming increasingly involved in a specialized discourse that has fixed rules, but whose rules are seldom made explicit within the physics community that uses them.  I will then discuss one method of making these "discourse rules" of physics explicit for students by using formative assessment rubrics.  I will provide some examples of how these rubrics can be implemented, and examine their effectiveness in a physics class.
Abstract Type: Targeted Poster
Targeted Session: How to think and talk like a physicist?

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Primary Contact: David T. Brookes
Florida International University
Physics Department