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PERC 2010 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Rethinking our goals: What will our students remember when they forget everything?
Abstract: The question of the purpose of education is similar to the question about the purpose of life: it is difficult to keep the answer in mind when one is submerged in everyday routines and minor distractions. But if we stop briefly while grading an exam, preparing a lab, or running a review session and ask ourselves what students will remember 20 years form now, the question and its answer might change completely what we do every day. Our PER group has tried to answer this question and as a result is changing our approach to teaching introductory physics. We still want students to understand electromagnetic induction and thin lenses; but a larger goal is to empower them with the understanding of reasoning processes that help them make independent decisions and solve complex problems in their future lives. I will share the successes and challenges of this work.
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Primary Contact: Eugenia Etkina
Rutgers University