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PERC 2010 Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2010 PER Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the abstract list, or search the abstracts here.

  Name Primary Contact Abstract Type
  Assessing students' attitudes in a college physics course in Mexico Alarcon, Hugo Contributed Poster
  Influence of learning styles on conceptual learning of physics Alarcon, Hugo Contributed Poster
  Toward meaning and scientific thinking in the traditional freshman laboratory: Opening the "idea space" Allie, Saalih Invited Talk
  Understanding Confusion: Is it as bad as it seems? Araujo, Ives Contributed Poster
  Constructing Definitions as a Goal of Inquiry Atkins, Leslie J. Contributed Poster
  Newton’s Third Law in middle school Aubrecht, Gordon Contributed Poster
  Interpretation in Quantum Physics as Hidden Curriculum Baily, Charles Contributed Poster
  Assessment of Scientific Reasoning: A Case in Proportional Reasoning Bao, Lei Targeted Poster
  Trends in the PERC Proceedings Barbato, Lyle Contributed Poster
  Generating Explanations for an Emergent Process: The Movement of Sand Dunes Barth-Cohen, Lauren Contributed Poster
  Is explanation enough to assess student understanding? Bartiromo, Tara Contributed Poster
  Supporting Scientists Ability to Communicate About Science in Everyday Language Bartley, Jessica E. Contributed Poster
  Flat as a pancake: a pseudo-longitudinal study of attitudes and beliefs at the University of Edinburgh using CLASS Bates, Simon Contributed Poster
  What do students think about when they think about proportions? Boudreaux, Andrew Targeted Poster
  Cultivating multiple sensitivities to student thinking Boudreaux, Andrew Targeted Poster
  Proportional Reasoning in Physics: What are students thinking? How can we help? Brahmia, Suzanne White Targeted Poster Session
  Invention of Physical Quantities as an Underpinning for Proportional Reasoning Brahmia, Suzanne White Targeted Poster
  Modeling Instruction curriculum and pedagogy: what is exposed and what is hidden within the 'hidden curriculum' Brewe, Eric Targeted Poster
  Changing Participation through Formation of Student Learning Communities Brewe, Eric Targeted Poster
  Epistemology in the hidden curriculum: Why should anyone care? Brookes, David T. Round Table Discussion
  How students’ conceptual understanding is influenced by the grammatical structure of physics equations Brookes, David T. Contributed Poster
  Structuring Classroom Discussion Using Formative Assessment Rubrics Brookes, David T. Targeted Poster
  Developing, Deploying, and Evaluating Computer Modeling Homework Caballero, Marcos D. Contributed Poster
  Learning gains on Newtonian conceptual reasoning in an iterative, project-based course design Camp, Paul J. Contributed Poster
  How does visual attention differ between experts and novices on physics problems? Carmichael, Adrian Contributed Poster
  Inventing-with-Contrasting-Cases: An instructional method that improves students' uptake of big ideas Chase, Catherine C. Targeted Poster
  But Does It Last? Sustaining a Research-Based Curriculum in Upper-Division Electricity & Magnetism Chasteen, Stephanie V. Contributed Poster
  Effects of a Prior Virtual Experience on Students’ Interpretations of Real Data Chini, Jacquelyn J. Contributed Poster
  How the Aesthetic Experience Engage in Understanding of Science? Choi, Sung-Youn Contributed Poster
  Energy in action: The construction of physics ideas in multiple modes Close, Eleanor Contributed Poster
  Copying the lab key, or: How to apply the Algebra Project to science teacher professional development Close, Hunter Targeted Poster
  Addressing Student Needs in Instruction on the Expansion and Age of The Universe Cochran, Geraldine L. Contributed Poster
  Developing Thinking & Problem Solving Skills in Introductory Mechanics Coletta, Vincent P. Targeted Poster
  The Use of a Web-based Classroom Interaction System in Introductory Physics Classes* Corpuz, Edgar Contributed Poster
  Transfer of Learning in the Context of an Inquiry-Based General Physics Laboratory Corpuz, Edgar Contributed Poster
  Pedagogical Concepts and Strategies Evidenced in Learning Assistant Teaching Reflections Crenshaw, Diane Contributed Poster
  Preliminary Validation Data for an Assessment of Textbook Problem Solving Ability: An Argument for Right/Wrong Grading? Cummings, Karen Contributed Poster
  What factors lead to faculty trying research based strategies? Dancy, Melissa Contributed Poster
  Encouraging Scientific Discourse in the Introductory Physics Classroom De Leone, Charles Targeted Poster
  TA Beliefs in a SCALE-UP Style Classroom DeBeck V, George Contributed Poster
  Can some wrong answers be more right than others? Dedic, Helena Contributed Poster
  Promoting and Studying Deep-level Dialogue During Large-lecture Intro Physics Demaree, Dedra Targeted Poster
  Applying ISLE ideas to Active Engagement in the Spins Paradigm Demaree, Dedra Targeted Poster
  Radical transformation of an upper division Quantum Mechanics course; pointing to the superiority of a student centered highly interactive engagement Deslauriers, Louis Contributed Poster
  How do the students perceive the reasons for their success in a modern physics course? Didis, Nilufer Contributed Poster
  Predicting FCI Gain with a Nonverbal Intelligence Test Dietz, Richard D. Contributed Poster
  Enhancing problem-solving abilities by repeated training with scaffolded synthesis problems Ding, Lin Contributed Poster
  A Conceptual Analysis Approach to Physics Problem Solving Docktor, Jennifer L. Contributed Poster
  Redefining the Instructor's Role as a "Transient" Group Member Durden, Jared Contributed Poster
  "Seeing" the development of physical theory in students' minds Dykstra, Dewey I Targeted Poster
  An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Short Science Workshops for K-12 Teachers* Endorf, Robert J. Contributed Poster
  Elements of a College-Level Inquiry-Based Physics Classroom Esswein, Jennifer Contributed Poster
  Hidden benefits of engaging students in experimental design and invention of physics concepts Etkina, E. Targeted Poster
  Rethinking our goals: What will our students remember when they forget everything? Etkina, Eugenia Invited Talk
  Taking Responsibility for the Hidden Curriculum: Practices and Challenges in addressing the broader goals in physics education Finkelstein, Noah Targeted Poster Session
  Singapore secondary one students’ preconceptions on speed Foong, See Kit Contributed Poster
  Characterizing Participation in and around the Physics Classroom Frank, Brian Targeted Poster Session
  How Students Structure Argument through the Interplay of Claims Made about Phenomena and Instruction Frank, Brian W. Targeted Poster
  Fluctuations in Students' Understanding of Newton's 3rd Law Franklin, Scott Contributed Poster
  Possibilities: A Framework for Modeling Students’ Deductive Reasoning in Physics Gaffney, Jon D. H. Contributed Poster
  The hidden curriculum in laboratory data analysis – development of a diagnostic test and initial results Galloway, Ross Contributed Poster
  Investigating the perceived difficulty of introductory physics problems Gire, Elizabeth Contributed Poster
  Kinesthetic Activities in Upper-Division Physics Courses Gire, Elizabeth Targeted Poster
  The influence of theoretical frameworks on researchers' attitudes towards students Goertzen, Renee Michelle Targeted Poster Session
  A resource framework can support a respectful perspective towards TAs Goertzen, Renee Michelle Targeted Poster
  Development and evaluation of a large-enrollment, active-learning physical science curriculum Goldberg, Fred Contributed Poster
  Are Learning Assistants Better Secondary Science Teachers? Gray, Kara E. Contributed Poster
  An Inquiry-Oriented Assessment Tool for Exploring Students’ Reasoning Haghanikar, Mojgan Matloob Contributed Poster
  Helping Students to Think Like Physicists in SDI Labs Hake, Richard Contributed Poster
  QUEST: Quality Elementary Science Teaching Hanuscin, Dr. Deborah L. Contributed Poster
  Teaching Pedagogy in Physics Harlow, Danielle Contributed Poster
  Uncovering the hidden decisions that shape curriculum Harlow, Danielle Invited Talk
  Students’ responses to different representations of a vector addition question Hawkins, Jeffrey M. Contributed Poster
  Research techniques for uncovering the hidden curriculum in the context of problem solving Heller, Ken Workshop
  Variables that Correlate with Faculty Use of Research-Based Instructional Strategies Henderson, Charles Contributed Poster
  Out of one, many; five researchers analyze the same student video Hinrichs, Brant Targeted Poster Session
  Student Difficulties with non-Cartesian Unit Vectors in Upper Level E&M Hinrichs, Brant Contributed Poster
  A case study on reflective writing Huang, Xiang Contributed Poster
  Now you can compare them all ! Ibrahim, Ahmed Contributed Poster
  Which instrument to critically select (among so many) Ibrahim, Ahmed Contributed Poster
  Yes, I can teach physics, but Ibrahim, Ahmed Contributed Poster
  Exploring student understanding of atoms and radiation Johnson, Andy Contributed Poster
  Students’ and Instructor’s Impressions of Ill-structured Capstone Projects in an Advanced Electronics Lab Juma, Nasser Contributed Poster
  Models for seeing colored objects: A case study progression Kahle, Emma C. Contributed Poster
  Personal epistemologies as barriers and facilitators to learning by Science and Engineering undergraduate students Kalman, Calvin S. Round Table Discussion
  Instructional explanations as an interface - The role of explanatory primitives Kapon, Shulamit Contributed Poster
  Gender gaps in upper division physics courses at the Colorado School of Mines Kohl, Patrick Contributed Poster
  Direct and Indirect Approaches to Increasing Conceptual Survey Gains Kohl, Patrick B. Contributed Poster
  Gender Differences in Physics 1: The Impact of a Self-Affirmation Intervention Kost, Lauren E. Contributed Poster
  Student difficulties with right hand rules Kustusch, Mary Bridget Contributed Poster
  Test-Retest Reliability of the Force Concept Inventory (FCI) Lasry, Nathaniel Contributed Poster
  Frame analysis as a way to understand the complex dynamic of classroom teaching practice. Lau, Matty Contributed Poster
  Why is it difficult to lead conceptual change by using a count-intuitive demonstration?: An example from the brachistochrone problem Lee, Gyoungho Contributed Poster
  Improving Students’ Understanding of Electric Flux Li, Jing Contributed Poster
  Survey development for assessing learning identity in an ISLE classroom Li, Sissi L. Contributed Poster
  Using analogy for learning Introductory Physics Lin, Shih-Yin Contributed Poster
  Using analogy to help students learn Introductory Physics Lin, Shih-Yin Targeted Poster
  Redesigning and restructuring classroom assessments to reflect a new set of learning goals Lin, Yuhfen Contributed Poster
  What Does it Mean to Create a Community? Little, Angela Contributed Poster
  Investigating student understanding for a statistical analysis of two thermally-interacting solids Loverude, Michael Contributed Poster
  Novice Implementation of the Impulse-Momentum Theorem in VPython Programs Lunk, Brandon R. Contributed Poster
  Learning the concept of energy quanta through a portfolio. Maftei, Gelu Contributed Poster
  Street-fighting mathematics: Teaching mathematical courage Mahajan, Sanjoy Targeted Poster
  Usage of the Term “Force,” Reasoning Ability, and FCI Performance II Maier, Steven Contributed Poster
  nTIPERs: Tasks to Help Students "Unpack" Aspects of Newtonian Dynamics Maloney, David P. Targeted Poster
  Upper-division activities that foster “Thinking like a Physicist” Manogue, Corinne A. Targeted Poster Session
  Epistemological Framing and Exterior Knowledge in Physics Problem Solving Martinuk, Mathew "Sandy" Contributed Poster
  Assessing Student’s Ability to Solve Textbook-Style Problems Marx, Jeffrey Contributed Poster
  Helping students learn effective problem solving strategies by reflection with peers Mason, Andrew Targeted Poster
  Sustainability of K-12 Afterschool Programs Mayhew, Laurel M. Contributed Poster
  Student Understanding of the Correlation between Hands-on Activities and Computer Visualizations of NMR/MRI McBride, Dyan Contributed Poster
  Development of functional understanding in physics: Promoting ability to reason McDermott, Lillian C. Invited Talk
  A New Use for Multimedia Learning in Introductory Physics Mestre, Jose Targeted Poster
  Can Spatial Skills Training Improve Achievement in Introductory Mechanics? Miller, David I. Contributed Poster
  Losing it: The influence of losses on individuals' normalized gains Miller, Kelly Contributed Poster
  Curriculum Development Addressing Multiplicity, Probability and Density of States in Statistical Physics Mountcastle, Donald B. Contributed Poster
  Exploring the Transition Between Quantum and Classical Physics Using Compelling Graphical Representations Mountcastle, Donald B. Targeted Poster
  REU students’ initial perceptions of scientific ethics Murphy, Sytil Contributed Poster
  Closing the Feedback Loop: Assessment in an Introductory Physics Course for Nonmajors Muslu, Nilay Contributed Poster
  Preliminary Study of the Effects of the Use of Self Awarded Homework Extensions Mzoughi, Taha Contributed Poster
  Pilot Testing of the Pathway Active Learning Environment Nakamura, Christopher M. Contributed Poster
  Research-based Exercises to Facilitate Students’ Transfer of Problem Solving Across Representations Nguyen, Dong-Hai Contributed Poster
  Facilitating Students’ Problem Solving across Multiple Representations in Introductory Mechanics Nguyen, Dong-Hai Targeted Poster
  Opportunities for Learning: Hybrid Spaces, Vygotsky, and the Endorsed Narrative Otero, Valerie Targeted Poster
  Physics Learning as the Objectification of Discourse Otero, Valerie K. Targeted Poster
  Force Concepts in Different Student Groups: FCI With Variations and Extensions Pendrill, Ann-Marie Contributed Poster
  Our best juniors still struggle with Gauss's Law: Characterizing their difficulties Pepper, Rachel E. Contributed Poster
  Who becomes a physics major? The role of students' beliefs about physics and learning physics Perkins, Katherine Contributed Poster
  Physics Teacher Characteristics and Classroom Practices Phillips, Jeffrey A. Contributed Poster
  Characterizing Complexity of Computer Simulations and Implications for Student Engagement Podolefsky, Noah Contributed Poster
  Dignifying the human condition. How PhET sim design respects student agency. Podolefsky, Noah Targeted Poster
  The use of concept tests and peer instruction in upper-division physics Pollock, Steven Targeted Poster
  Clickers or flashcards: An activity theory interpretation Price, Edward Contributed Poster
  Physics thinking in complex analytical calculations Price, Edward Targeted Poster
  The Beginnings of Energy in Third Graders’ Reasoning Radoff, Jennifer Contributed Poster
  Benefit In Electricity And Magnetism From Prior Instruction Using The Modeling Applied to Problem Solving Pedagogy in Mechanics Rayyan, Saif Contributed Poster
  Supporting Teacher Leadership for Physics Education Reform – Where Do We Begin? Rebello, Carina M. Contributed Poster
  Introducing students to the culture of physics: explicating elements of the hidden curriculum Redish, Edward F. Invited Talk
  Constructing a Model of Physics Expertise Rodriguez, Idaykis Contributed Poster
  Changes in Students: Conceptual Understanding of Force, Velocity, and Acceleration Rosenblatt, Rebecca Contributed Poster
  Pre-Service Physics Teachers and Physics Education Research Rosengrant, David Contributed Poster
  Who says what and when: How rules of discourse impact learning interactions Russ, Rosemary S. Targeted Poster
  The Physics Van Program: Supporting the Needs of Chicago Area Physics Teachers Sabella, Mel Contributed Poster
  Viewing the assessment of instructional reform through the eyes of the stakeholders Sabella, Mel Targeted Poster
  The Impact of the History of Physics on Student Attitude and Conceptual Understanding of Physics Sadaghiani, Homeyra Contributed Poster
  How to think and talk like a physicist? Sadaghiani, Homeyra Targeted Poster Session
  Multimedia PreLab Tutorials in Conservation Laws Sadaghiani, Homeyra Contributed Poster
  Teaching a Hybrid Online Course in Electricity and Magnetism Using Multimedia Learning Modules (MLM) Sadaghiani, Homeyra Contributed Poster
  Critical and Scientific Thinking for Pre-service Elementary Teachers Sadaghiani, Homeyra Targeted Poster
  Creating Classroom Reform Using a Sociocultural Mediation Process Samuels, Natan Contributed Poster
  Positive Impacts of Modeling Instruction on Self-Efficacy Sawtelle, Vashti Contributed Poster
  'So you're saying...': Paraphrase and interpretation in peer physics interviews Sayre, Eleanor C Contributed Poster
  Student responses to newly-implemented teaching methods in the advanced physics laboratory Schell, Julie Contributed Poster
  "Energy Theater": Using the body symbolically to understand energy Scherr, Rachel Contributed Poster
  Thinking about energy with bodies and objects: Cognition as a sensorimotor and material activity Scherr, Rachel Targeted Poster
  Observing scientific reasoning processes in the classroom: Qualitative analysis of video-recorded interaction Scherr, Rachel E. Workshop
  Two years of testing long-term observation in middle school astronomy Schmitt, Bill Contributed Poster
  Assessing the Effectiveness of the Upper-Division Physics Advanced Laboratory Course Schuster, David Contributed Poster
  Laptop Usage In An Introductory Physics Class: A Tale Of The Haves And The Have-Nots Shaw, Kimberly A. Contributed Poster
  Reflective self-corrections of homeworks in a conceptual physics course: An experimental control-group design study Shekoyan, Vazgen Contributed Poster
  Surveying Instructors’ Attitudes and Approaches to Teaching Quantum Mechanics Singh, Chandralekha Contributed Poster
  Facilitating thinking and learning in the physics classroom Singh, Chandralekha Targeted Poster Session
  Surveying Students’ Understanding of Quantum Mechanics in One Spatial Dimension Singh, Chandralekha Contributed Poster
  Addressing Student Difficulties with Statistical Mechanics: The Boltzmann Factor Smith, Trevor I. Contributed Poster
  Examining the Beliefs and Practice of Teaching Assistants: Two Case Studies Spike, Benjamin T. Contributed Poster
  Detecting Differences in Changes to Physics Diagrams Strand, Natalie E. Contributed Poster
  Design of a Synthesizing Lecture on Mechanics Concepts Strand, Natalie E. Contributed Poster
  Toward an Integrated Online Learning Environment Teodorescu, Raluca E. Contributed Poster
  Investigating student understanding of thermodynamics concepts and underlying integration concepts Thompson, John R. Contributed Poster
  Faculty perspectives on using Peer Instruction: A national study Turpen, Chandra Contributed Poster
  Experimental methods for studying student Metacognition and Affect Van De Sande, Brett Workshop
  Fun and Gaming with Andes Van De Sande, Brett Contributed Poster
  Documenting and Interpreting Ways to Engage Students in ‘Thinking Like a Physicist’ Van Zee, Emily Targeted Poster
  Fostering Scientific Thinking by Prospective Teachers in a Course that Integrates Physics and Literacy Learning Van Zee, Emily H. Contributed Poster
  Maximum Likelihood Estimation of students' understanding of vector subtraction Wang, Tianren Contributed Poster
  Gender, Mental Rotations, and Introductory Physics Watkins, Jessica Contributed Poster
  Understanding How Students Use Physical Ideas in Introductory Biology Courses Watkins, Jessica Contributed Poster
  How students make sense of functional, but incomplete computer programs. Weatherford, Shawn A. Contributed Poster
  Student and Teacher Understanding of Buoyancy Wong, Darren Contributed Poster
  Children’s Attitudes about Science as a Result of Informal Science Education Wulf, Rosemary P. Contributed Poster
  Vector Addition: Effect of the Context and Position of the Vectors Zavala, Genaro Contributed Poster
  Students' Understanding of the Concepts of Vector Components and Vector Products Zavala, Genaro Contributed Poster
  Electric Field Concept: Effect of the Context and the Type of Questions Zavala, Genaro Contributed Poster
  Understanding and Interpreting Calculus Graphs: Refining an Instrument Zavala, Genaro Contributed Poster
  Improving Students’ Understanding of Quantum Measurement Zhu, Guangtian Contributed Poster