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PERC 2010 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Taking Responsibility for the Hidden Curriculum: Practices and Challenges in addressing the broader goals in physics education
Abstract: An invitational interactive poster session

This interactive poster session will lead a community discussion around two major themes: 1) what are ways and models for us to enact and make explicit our efforts to address the hidden curriculum (beyond standard content learning) in physics classes, and 2) what barriers are faced in doing so.  We will emphasize how we might take responsibility for what actually happens in the classroom, as well as the historical and institutional resources and barriers that we face. Four posters will highlight the variety of scales and approaches that may be used to address the hidden curriculum and serve as a focal point for our collective discussions. Be prepared to share your own successes and challenges.  We will begin discussions by focusing on our roles and goals as educators, and will happily draw on theory and practice alike.
Abstract Type: Targeted Poster Session

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Noah Finkelstein
University of Colorado at Boulder
2000 Colorado Ave
Dept of Physics, University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0390
Phone: 303 735 6082
and Co-Presenter(s)
Chandra Turpen
University of Colorado at Boulder
and Western Michigan University

Targeted Poster Session Specific Information

Poster 1 Title: Hidden benefits of engaging students in experimental design and invention of physics concepts
Poster 1 Authors: E. Etkina; A. Karelina, M. Ruibal-Villasenor, and G. Suran
Rutgers University
Poster 2 Title: Modeling Instruction curriculum and pedagogy: what is exposed and what is hidden within the 'hidden curriculum'
Poster 2 Authors: Eric Brewe, Laird H. Kramer, George E. O'Brien
Florida International University
Poster 3 Title: Street-fighting mathematics: Teaching mathematical courage
Poster 3 Authors: Sanjoy Mahajan
MIT and Olin College
Poster 4 Title: Copying the lab key, or: How to apply the Algebra Project to science teacher professional development
Poster 4 Authors: Hunter Close
Seattle Pacific University