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PERC 2011 Abstract Browse

The abstracts listed below were presented at the 2011 PER 2011 Conference. You may use the column headers to sort the abstract list, or search the abstracts here.

  Name Primary Contact Abstract Type
  Student Views of Similarity between Math and Physics Problems Dyan McBride Contributed Poster
  What do students do when they retake an exam in small groups? Ian D. Beatty Contributed Poster
  Investigation of Students’ Difficulties with Quantum Measurement Guangtian Zhu Contributed Poster
  Teaching assistants' interactions with their students: Exploring changes in teaching methods through conversational shifts. Meghan J. Westlander Contributed Poster
  Teasing Out the Effect of Tutorials via Multiple Regression Stephanie V. Chasteen Contributed Poster
  Improving Student Understanding of Addition of Angular Momentum Chandralekha Singh Contributed Poster
  Understanding the Variable Effect of Course Innovations on Student Learning Heidi Iverson Contributed Poster
  Teacher-Driven Professional Development and the Pursuit of a Sophisticated Understanding of Inquiry Mike Ross Contributed Poster
  Should students be provided diagrams or asked to draw them while solving introductory physics problems? Alexandru Maries Contributed Poster
  Effects of the Learning Assistant Experience on In-Service Teachers’ Practices* Kara E. Gray Contributed Poster
  A Survey on Student Self-efficacy in Physics Problem Solving Kimberly A Shaw Contributed Poster
  PER Funding Census Ramon S. Barthelemy Contributed Poster
  A Large Scale Assessment of the Interaction of Lecture and Lab Interventions in Students’ Learning Amy Pietan Contributed Poster
  Nonscience Majors' Thinking About Ionizing Radiation Andy Johnson Contributed Poster
  Building blocks of a community of practice: TA professional development Renee Michelle Goertzen Contributed Poster
  The Effect of High-Stake Testing on Students’ Learning Approaches in Physics Sevda Yerdelen-Damar Contributed Poster
  Case Study of Students’ Ill-Structured Problem Solving during a Capstone Project in an Electronics Lab Nasser Juma Contributed Poster
  Assessing Students’ Ability to Solve Introductory Physics Problems Using Integrals in Symbolic and Graphical Representations Neelam Khan Contributed Poster
  Using Johnson-Laird's cognitive framework of sense-making to characterize engineering students' mental representations in kinematics Bashirah Ibrahim Contributed Poster
  Quantitative Modeling of Changes in Student Understanding Aaron R. Warren Contributed Poster
  Predicting the outcome of instruction: Examples with the contingency model of causal learning Thomas M. Scaife Contributed Poster
  Scaffolding students’ transfer of problem solving from calculus to physics Dehui Hu Contributed Poster
  Intuitive ontologies for energy in physics Rachel E. Scherr Contributed Poster
  Scaffolding the Development of Students’ Mental Models of Pulleys Amy Rouinfar Contributed Poster
  Explicating the latent construct of Brief Electricity and Magnetism Assessment Lin Ding Contributed Poster
  Preparation for future learning: Effects of innovation on student discourse Gregory Suran Contributed Poster
  How accurately can students’ estimate their performance on an exam and how does this relate to their actual performance on the exam? N. Sanjay Rebello Contributed Poster
  A longitudinal study of the development of attitudes and beliefs towards Physics Ross Galloway Contributed Poster
  Observing the problem solving strategies of students Ross Galloway Contributed Poster
  PeerWise: student-generated content for enhanced engagement, learning and assessment Ross Galloway Contributed Poster
  Creating Opportunities to Influence Self-Efficacy through Modeling Instruction Vashti Sawtelle Contributed Poster
  Using Analogical Problem Solving to Learn about Friction Shih-Yin Lin Contributed Poster
  Beyond the Standard Pedagogical Model II Paul J. Camp Contributed Poster
  Changing Roles and Identities in a Teacher-Driven Professional Development Community Ben Van Dusen Contributed Poster
  Communicating scientific ideas: one element of physics expertise Idaykis Rodriguez Contributed Poster
  "Implicit Action": Understanding Discourse Management in Modeling Instruction Jared Durden Contributed Poster
  Scientific Reasoning: Teacher and Student Connection Jennifer Esswein Contributed Poster
  Following Student Gaze Patterns in Lectures David Rosengrant Contributed Poster
  Issues and progress in transforming a middle-division Classical Mechanics/Math Methods course Steven Pollock Contributed Poster
  Influence of Visual Cues on Eye Movements and Reasoning in Physics Problems Adrian Madsen Contributed Poster
  Seeking Evidence of Reflective Practice in Learning Assistants' Writing Assignments Geraldine L. Cochran Contributed Poster
  Comparison of Traditional and Lecture-Lab Integration Instruction in Laboratory Assessments Keith West Contributed Poster
  Preparation for Future Learning in Physics via Dynamic Problem Solving Strategies. Sergio Rojas Contributed Poster
  Measuring the evolution of introductory physics students' problem solving skills Qing Xu Contributed Poster
  Speciation of energy concepts through speech and gesture in interaction Hunter Close Contributed Poster
  Use of Question Formatting in Relation to Cognitive Assessment Mark Ellermann Contributed Poster
  Reinventing Time and Spacetime Mark P. Haugan Contributed Poster
  Students' Views of Macroscopic and Microscopic Energy in Physics and Biology Benjamin W. Dreyfus Contributed Poster
  Experiences of New Faculty Implementing Research-based Instructional Strategies Melissa Dancy Contributed Poster
  Faculty Perspectives about Institutional Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness Charles Henderson Contributed Poster
  Socratic dialogs and clicker use in an upper-division mechanics course Lincoln D. Carr Contributed Poster
  Student Difficulty with non-Cartesian Unit Vectors in Upper Level E&M Brant Hinrichs Contributed Poster
  Interpreting Card-sorting data with categorization graphs Steven Wolf Contributed Poster
  Assessment of vertical transfer in problem solving: mapping the shape of problem design space Joshua Von Korff Contributed Poster
  Student interpretation of definite integrals at the math-physics interface Rabindra Bajracharya Contributed Poster
  Learning How to "See" and "Manipulate" Nanoparticles Utilizing Noncontact Atomic Force Microscopy Choojit Sarapak Contributed Poster
  Partial correctness, asymmetries, and hierarchies in understanding force and motion Rebecca Rosenblatt Contributed Poster
  Facilitating Enhanced Student Interest through Increased Autonomy in the Classroom Nicholas Hall Contributed Poster
  Investigating students' difficulties with equations involving circuit elements Jing Li Contributed Poster
  Student Understanding of Taylor Series Expansions in Statistical Mechanics Trevor I. Smith Contributed Poster
  Teaching Assistants’ Reasons for the Design of Problem Solutions for Introductory Physics: Findings Edit Yerushalmi Contributed Poster
  Adapting a Theoretical Framework for Characterizing Students' Use of Equations in Physics Problem Solving Carina M. Rebello Contributed Poster
  Teaching Assistants’ Reasons for the Design of Problem Solutions for Introductory Physics: Rationale and Methodology William Mamudi Contributed Poster
  Evidence of embodied cognition about wave propagation Michael C. Wittmann Contributed Poster
  A study of student initiated questions in an introductory physics class Antoinette Stone Contributed Poster
  Institutionalizing Reform: Investing in Faculty Instructional Practices Laird Kramer Contributed Poster
  Using Verbalizations To Understand How Students Think About Integration In Introductory Electromagnetism Contexts Jeffrey M. Polak Contributed Poster
  Assessing Student’s Ability to Solve Textbook-Style Problems: Update Jeff Marx Contributed Poster
  A scalable system for teaching graphs. James Laverty Contributed Poster
  Quantum Interpretation and Modern Physics Instruction - Curriculum Development and Associated Outcomes Charles Baily Contributed Poster
  Predictors for Success in calculus-based Introductory Physics Course Deepika Menon Contributed Poster
  Examining student ability to interpret and use potential energy diagrams Brian M. Stephanik Contributed Poster
  Finding Meaningful Search Features for Automated Analysis of Students’ Short Responses to Conceptual Questions Christopher M. Nakamura Contributed Poster
  Transforming the advanced lab: Part I - Learning goals Benjamin Zwickl Contributed Poster
  Examining Critical Features of Replicating Educational Interventions Lauren Kost-Smith Contributed Poster
  Student Problem Design: Learner-Driven Creation and Evaluation in Physics Assignments Eric Mandell Contributed Poster
  Gender Differences in Conceptual Gains and Attitude Regarding Problem Design Rachel Snyder Contributed Poster
  Teaching creativity and innovation to physicists using Tablet PCs H. Vincent Kuo Contributed Poster
  Investigating Dynamics of Group Learning Using Huddleboards Bijaya Aryal Contributed Poster
  Physics In Uncertain Times Homeyra Sadaghiani Contributed Poster
  Grading by Conceptual Category: A Technique that Emphasizes Conceptual Understanding Cassandra Paul Contributed Poster
  Improving physics self-efficacy in pre-service teachers Jon D. H. Gaffney Contributed Poster
  Item Response Theory Analysis of the Mechanics Baseline Test Carolin N Cardamone Contributed Poster
  Assessing a laboratory-based, inquiry-based algebra course Beth Thacker Contributed Poster
  Student Conversations while Completing Minimally Working Computational Models Brandon Lunk Contributed Poster
  Problem-Based Learning in Upper Division Courses: Student Successes, Perceptions, and Reactions Gintaras Duda Contributed Poster
  To What Extent Is Seeing Not Believing? Kelly Miller Contributed Poster
  Free-Response Administration of a Mechanics Reasoning Inventory Andrew Pawl Contributed Poster
  The effect of immigration status on physics identity and physical science career intentions Geoff Potvin Contributed Poster
  A Comparison of Two REU Programs Sytil Murphy Contributed Poster
  Gender Bias in the Force Concept Inventory? Richard D. Dietz Contributed Poster
  What Do Students Learn about Work in Physical and Virtual Experiments with Inclined Planes? Jacquelyn J. Chini Contributed Poster
  Adaptation and Implementation of the Physics and Everyday Thinking Curriculum in a High School Physics Classroom Shelly Belleau Contributed Poster
  Comparing Epistemological Gain Based on Class Standing Robert B Lynch Contributed Poster
  Using similarity ratings surveys to assess deep-structure feature emphasis during problem comparison Frances Mateycik Contributed Poster
  Using Artifact Methodology to Compare Learning Assistants’ and Colleagues’ Classroom Practices* Stephanie Barr Contributed Poster
  Context Dependence of Teacher Practices in Middle School Science Noah Podolefsky Contributed Poster
  Confronting the difficulties in learning the uncertainty principle: Active learning in a Mexican context Carlos Hinojosa Contributed Poster
  Making sense of operators, eigenstates and quantum measurements Elizabeth Gire Contributed Poster
  Students’ Difficulties with Unit Vectors and Scalar Multiplication of a Vector Genaro Zavala Contributed Poster
  Interpretation of Vector Products: Effect of the Context and Position of the Vectors Pablo Barniol Contributed Poster
  Toward an Analytic Framework of Physics Teaching Assistants' Pedagogical Knowledge Benjamin T. Spike Contributed Poster
  Facilitating faculty conversations: Development of consensus learning goals and assessment measures Rachel E. Pepper Contributed Poster
  Criteria for Creating and Categorizing Forms of Energy Sarah McKagan Contributed Poster
  What are the Effects of Self-Assessment Preparation? Sara Severance Contributed Poster
  Negotiating Novel Forms of Energy: “Phase Energy” Warren M. Christensen Contributed Poster
  TRUSE Conference: Integrating undergraduate physics, chemistry and mathematics education research John R. Thompson Contributed Poster
  Do Prescribed Prompts Prime Sensemaking During Group Problem-Solving? Mathew "Sandy" Martinuk Contributed Poster
  Expectancy violation in Physics and Mathematics classes in a Student Centered Classroom Carolina Alvarado Contributed Poster
  Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills in College Science on a Student-Centered Classroom Diana T. Moreno Contributed Poster
  Assessment preparation: Impacts of explicit reflection prompts on learning Emily Quinty Contributed Poster
  Using Cogenerative Mediation to Assess an Aspect of Classroom Culture Natan Samuels Contributed Poster
  Teaching Physics to Life Science Students – Examining The Role of Biological Context Catherine H. Crouch Contributed Poster
  Using the Fukushima disaster as a teaching tool Gordon Aubrecht Contributed Poster
  Developing an Energy Assessment for Elementary Education Majors Thomas Foster Contributed Poster
  "Good looking" Animation Improves Transfer by Loading Meaning into Math Zhongzhou Chen Contributed Poster
  Learning Mathematics in a Physics Classroom Jing Wang Contributed Poster
  Further Investigation of Examining Students Understanding of Lenz’s law and Faraday’s Law Casey Sanchez Contributed Poster
  Students Reconciling Contradictory Commitments in Damped Harmonic Motion Problems Adam Kaczynski Contributed Poster
  A 12,000-student analysis of normalized gain and alternative metrics using the FCI Jason Dowd Contributed Poster
  Improving Self-efficacy with Intentional Tutoring Thomas Foster Contributed Poster
  Towards a Better Understanding of Confusion Jason Dowd Contributed Poster
  Using small-focus group interviews to assess instructional innovation Jeff Saul Contributed Poster
  Designing a physics learning environment: A holistic approach David T Brookes Contributed Poster
  Successes and Constraints in the Enactment of a Relatively Successful Reform May Lee Contributed Poster
  Towards research-based strategies for using PhET simulations in middle school physical science classes Katherine Perkins Contributed Poster
  Teaching Assistant-Student Interactions in a Modified SCALE-UP Classroom George DeBeck V Contributed Poster
  A First Look: ISLE in a Pre-Service Teacher Science Classroom. Eric N. Rowley Contributed Poster
  Impact of the Learning Assistant Experience for High School Physics Students Susan Nicholson-Dykstra Contributed Poster
  The Use of PDAs as Classroom Interaction System: Instructors’ Perspective* Edgar Corpuz Contributed Poster
  Implementing a Problem-Solving Assessment Tool on a Student-Centered Classroom Teresita Marin-Suarez Contributed Poster
  What does it take to change reasoning ability? Brian A Pyper Contributed Poster
  Reasoning with Physical Models Ruth Chabay Contributed Poster
  RAWR: Rapid Assessment and Web Reports Scott Franklin Contributed Poster
  Designing formative assessment that guides students towards self-directed learning Yuhfen Lin Contributed Poster
  Assessment of student-driven multi-level homework Raluca E. Teodorescu Contributed Poster
  Assessing Non-content Goals in Upper-Division Physics Corinne Manogue Gallery Session Poster
  Developing and Evaluating Formative and Summative Evaluation Tools for Quantum Mechanics Chandralekha Singh Gallery Session Poster
  Assessment to Complement Research-based Instruction in Upper-division Courses Michael Loverude Gallery Session Poster
  Multiple Roles of Assessment in Upper-division Physics Course Reforms Steven Pollock Gallery Session Poster
  Assessing Student Learning and Teaching Effectiveness in Intermediate Mechanics Bradley S. Ambrose Gallery Session Poster
  Analysis of a Large-scale Assessment Project Using Available Assessment Instruments Beth Thacker Gallery Session Poster
  Assessing Creativity and Innovation in Physics Students Patrick B. Kohl Gallery Session Poster
  Physics Learning Identity: Survey Development and Validation Dedra Demaree Gallery Session Poster
  Matching the Goals of Your Class with Assessment Eugenia Etkina Gallery Session Poster
  Assessments that Analyze Students' Reasoning on Written Exam Questions Mojgan Matloob Haghanikar Gallery Session Poster
  Comparing Students' Performance on Research-based Conceptual Assessments and Traditional Classroom Assessments N. Sanjay Rebello Gallery Session Poster
  Time-dependent Interpretation of Correct Responses to Multiple-Choice Questions David E. Meltzer Gallery Session Poster
  Correlation Between Students' Performance on Free-response and Multiple-choice Questions Shih-Yin Lin Gallery Session Poster
  FCI Normalized Gain, Scientific Reasoning Ability, Thinking in Physics, and Gender Effects Vincent Coletta Gallery Session Poster
  Assessing Gender Differences in Students' Understanding of Magnetism Jing Li Gallery Session Poster
  Graphical Representations of Vector Functions in Upper-division E&M Edward Price Gallery Session Poster
  What a Mathematical Representation Tells Us About Reasoning About Integrals Michael C. Wittmann Gallery Session Poster
  Representations of Partial Derivatives in Thermodynamics John R. Thompson Gallery Session Poster
  Representations for a Spins-First Approach to Quantum Mechanics Corinne Manogue Gallery Session Poster
  Energy in Action: The Construction of Physics Ideas in Multiple Modes Sarah B. McKagan Gallery Session Poster
  Supporting Proximal Formative Assessment with Relational Discourse Rachel E. Scherr Gallery Session Poster
  Development of Proximal Formative Assessment Skills in Video-based Teacher Professional Development Eleanor W. Close Gallery Session Poster
  Elements of Proximal Formative Assessment in Learners' Discourse about Energy Benedikt W. Harrer Gallery Session Poster
  "So you're saying...": Paraphrase and interpretation in peer physics interviews Eleanor C. Sayre Gallery Session Poster
  Computer Modeling Homework in Introductory Mechanics Michael F. Schatz Gallery Session Poster
  Measurements of Students' Performance on Computational Exercises in Introductory Mechanics Marcos D Caballero Gallery Session Poster
  Working with Computational Anxiety: Assessing Student Affect in Learning Computation in Introductory Mechanics Matthew A. Kohlmyer Gallery Session Poster
  Complex interactions between formative assessment, technology, and classroom practices Edward Price Invited Talk
  Student Engagement in Disciplinary Assessment Janet Coffey Invited Talk
  Defining and Assessing Competence in Science: Lessons Learned the Hard Way James W. Pellegrino Invited Talk
  Research and development of enhanced assessment tools for chemistry education Thomas Holme Invited Talk
  Standards-based grading with voice: Listening for students' understanding Andy Rundquist Invited Talk
  Assessment Lessons from K-12 Education Research: Knowledge Representation, Learning, and Motivation Lorrie Shepard Invited Talk
  Fostering Computational Thinking Marcos D Caballero Poster Gallery Session
  Multiple Assessments of Multiple-choice Assessments Chandralekha Singh Poster Gallery Session
  Formative and Summative Assessment in Upper-level Physics Chandralekha Singh Poster Gallery Session
  Moving Beyond Conceptual Inventories Beth Thacker Poster Gallery Session
  Proximal Formative Assessment Rachel E. Scherr Poster Gallery Session
  Representation Issues: Using Mathematics in Upper-Division Physics Corinne A. Manogue Poster Gallery Session
  Implementation of Phased-Array Homework: Assessment and Focused Understanding Stacy Godshall Round Table Presentation
  RAWR: Rapid Assessment and Web Reports Scott Franklin Round Table Presentation
  What does it take to change reasoning ability? Brian A Pyper Round Table Presentation
  Reasoning with Physical Models Ruth Chabay Round Table Presentation
  Assessment of student-driven multi-level homework Raluca E. Teodorescu Round Table Presentation
  The role of scientific reasoning ability in student learning Bruce R Patton Round Table Presentation
  Designing formative assessment that guides students towards self-directed learning Yuhfen Lin Round Table Presentation
  Supporting Scientific Reasoning: From Teachers to Materials to Students Bruce R. Patton Round Table Session
  Homework Systems for Learning Stacy Godshall Round Table Session
  The group-administered-interactive-questionnaire: A cost-effective alternative to individual interviews Edit Yerushalmi Workshop
  Redesigning assessments to motivate students for deeper learning Yuhfen Lin Workshop