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Abstract Title: A Student-Led Whole-Class Discussion Reconciles Friction with the System Schema
Abstract: After learning Newton's 2nd Law, students in a university modeling-based introductory physics class are asked to imagine a box sliding across a floor and slowing to a stop. Although they've had extensive experience with friction in the context of energy, this is their first exposure to friction within the context of forces.

They are asked to make different representations for this scenario, including a system schema, and force diagram.  During their small group work, students quickly run into a difficulty:  there are only two interactions with the box (contact, gravitational), so there should only be two forces, yet the box is slowing, which means it must have unbalanced forces in the direction of acceleration.

In this poster, I present evidence from the student-lead whole class discussion showing how the class uses the System Schema to help reason about this problem in a productive manner and come to a useful consensus.
Abstract Type: Contributed Poster Presentation

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Primary Contact: Brant Hinrichs
Drury University
729 N Drury Lane
Springfield, MO 65802

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