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Abstract Title: Changing Classroom Designs: Easy; Changing Instructors’ Pedagogies: Not So Easy…
Abstract: Technology-rich student-centered classrooms such as SCALE-UP and TEAL are designed  to actively engage students. We examine what happens when instructors adopt the classroom but not the pedagogy that goes with it. We measure the effect of using socio-technological spaces on students' conceptual change and compare learning gains made in groups using different pedagogies (active learning vs. conventional instruction). We also interviewed 34 students to gauge their perceptions of the redesigned spaces as a function of the pedagogy they were exposed to.  Last, we correlate instructors' self-reported instructional approach (teacher-centered vs student-centered) with the average normalized gains of their classes. Our findings suggest that technology-rich spaces are only effective when implemented with active pedagogies. Without active pedagogy, the technology-rich environment is not significantly different from conventional teacher-centered classrooms. We also find that students in socio-technological spaces differ in epistemic beliefs depending on the pedagogy they were exposed to. Students exposed to student-centered Active Learning had more expert-like epistemic beliefs than students exposed to teacher-centered approaches. We also find that instructors' self-reported perception of student-centeredness accounts for a large fraction of the variance (R2=0.83) in their class' average normalized gain. Instructors that adopted sociotechnological classrooms acknowledged the importance of student-centeredness. Though the classroom spaces were relatively easy to change, teachers' pedagogies were not so easy to change. Our results suggest that adopting student-centered pedagogies is a necessary condition to the effective use of technology-rich student-centered spaces.
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Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Nathaniel Lasry
John Abbott College
21 275 Lakeshore Drive
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Non U.S. H9X 3L9
Phone: 514-865-5820
and Co-Presenter(s)
Elizabeth Charles
Chris Whittaker

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