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PERC 2012 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Identities in identity research in science education: What should we study?
Abstract: In the present study, I define identity as a type of personhood--the ways in which an individual and surrounding people view the person--that the individual develops as participating in various local, social practices. In science classrooms, students shape their identities along various dimensions, such as identity in relation to the classroom community, science, and racial, ethnic, and linguistic groups. These multiple identities are not independent but often intertwined. An analysis of a-year-long ethnographic study in a high school biology class shows how Korean immigrant students' identities with respect to their immigrant status and language use influence the ways in which they participate in science classroom practices and their participations are perceived. Findings of the study suggest that students' classroom participations and identities in a classroom community should be understood in conjunction with their identities along other social dimensions that are locally constructed.
Abstract Type: Symposium Poster
Targeted Session: Shaping Identity through Membership in Communities

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Minjung Ryu
University of Maryland, College Park