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PERC 2012 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Doing it wrong the first time: effectiveness of incorrect solution steps in video based problem solving examples
Abstract: A series of video examples is being produced where three actors work on a physics problem as students.  During key problem solving stages the actors make errors and correct them through group discussion.  Previous work (Gro?e and Renkl, 2007) suggests that incorrect examples may only provide a benefit for students with favorable prior content knowledge, and that correct solutions should be given first.  Muller et al. (2008) created videos where student actors presented physics misconceptions as truth, and then they refuted them.  This demonstrated greater learning gains than a traditional exposition that even included an explicit refutation of the misconception.  Our goal is to extend this idea to worked examples and test the videos against traditional exposition based video examples.  The purpose of this poster is to present the initial ideas of this research.  Videos are currently in production and data collection is scheduled for the Fall 2012 semester.
Abstract Type: Contributed Poster Presentation

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Theodore Horton
North Carolina State University
and Co-Presenter(s)
Robert Beichner, North Carolina State University