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Abstract Title: Connecting the Dots: Links between Kinetic Theory and Bernoulli's Principle
Abstract: Kinetic Theory and Bernoulli's Principle are fundamental concepts life science students can use to explain a variety of important biological phenomena. We are using a series of simple experiments to help pinpoint student learning gaps in fluid dynamics based on paired student interviews. Students were asked to use multiple representations (diagrams, graphs, math and written descriptions) to explain the following pre and post lab activities:
1. Pre: An "empty" sealed balloon expanding inside a glass jar being evacuated. Post: an air filled balloon cooled in liquid nitrogen.
2. Pre: A dented ping-pong ball expanding upon heating when in contact with boiling water. Post: Lit candle in a jar sealed with water.
3. Pre and post: A manometer liquid level changing due to air flowing away from an open end.
The interviews suggest that understanding Bernoulli's Principle requires a solid conceptual understanding of kinetic theory, in particular equating pressure with particle collisions. A "modeling centered" ideal gas law lab has been developed using semi-quantitative diagrammatic tools that we propose will help to improve student understanding of Bernoulli's Principle.
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Primary Contact: Katherine Misaiko
University of New England
11 Hills Beach Road
Biddeford, ME 04005
Phone: 207-749-7913
and Co-Presenter(s)
James Vesenka

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