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PERC 2013 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Affect not as an afterthought: Coupling content and social-psychological aspects in physics learning
Abstract: Learning is a matter of socialization. As such, we can build on efforts over the last couple of decades to further expand the goals of physics teaching and learning beyond the historic measures of content mastery.  We are now poised to examine how social and psychological domains impact and are impacted by the traditional content we so dearly love.  Drawing from a theoretical tradition that takes play seriously, I explore a few environments where play and 'messing about' simultaneously develop student affect and content mastery. At CU we are involved in: research documenting the engagement of youth in science to promote identity and content mastery; studies linking psychological effects to student performance and retention in college physics; and, investigations of the impacts of advanced undergraduate and graduate experiences that encourage productive messing about as scientists. These studies challenge the historical divides between formal / informal, content/form, and content/ affect.
Abstract Type: Plenary

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Noah D. Finkelstein
University of Colorado-Boulder

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