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PERC 2013 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: From Cognitive Science to Physics Education and Back
Abstract: Principles of learning and performance derived from research in cognitive science can inform how physics is taught and how learning is assessed. At the same time, common practices in physics education can be used to develop better cognitive principles of student learning and understanding. This talk will focus on three main themes. First, I will explore how basic principles of  learning can be used to develop optimal labs in physics education settings.

Second, I will discuss how we can use psychology and neuroscience research regarding how academic anxiety alters thinking and reasoning to develop assessments that accurately gauge what students know. Finally, I will end by discussing how, together, PER and cognitive science can be used to help students perform at their best when it matters most.

Sian Beilock is a Professor of Psychology and The Committee on Education at the University of Chicago and author of "Choke: What The Secrets Of The Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To." http://sianbeilock.com/
Abstract Type: Plenary

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Primary Contact: Sian L. Beilock
University of Chicago

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