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Abstract Title: Comparing student ability to reason with multiple variables for graphed vs. non-graphed information.
Abstract: I present results from a two-year study to classify student difficulties reasoning with graphed data. I will show large differences in student ability to use certain graphed data. Namely, students struggle more with graphs in which the variables have no relation or an unknown relationship than with typical graphs where the data shows a relationship. I expand on this finding and present evidence for three deep issues with graphical/data-driven reasoning. First, many students incorrectly assume there must be dependence between the axes of any graph whether or not the data suggests a relation and whether or not it was a controlled experiment. Second, students have interesting issues using a legend to infer information about a third variable. Third, by comparing pictorial reasoning responses to graphical ones, it is evident that students have deeper logical reasoning issues such as, "if x doesn't change and y does, than x doesn't affect y."
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Primary Contact: Rebecca Rosenblatt
Illinois State University
218 Willard Ave.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Phone: 6144609502

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