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PERC 2014 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Relating epistemology to enjoyment of PER-based discussion section activities
Abstract: PER-based reform curricula are commonly evaluated on whether they improve such factors as student conceptual understanding, problem-solving skills, or epistemologies.  However, recent work has pointed out the importance of studying student affect and its entanglement with these conceptual and epistemological factors.  We present students' ratings of their enjoyment of discussion section activities emphasizing making sense of conceptual ideas with group discussion.  Although there were no differences in enjoyment between the two activities and post-test score did not differ by enjoyment, pre-instruction CLASS scores on 3 categories, Problem-Solving Sophistication, Problem-Solving Confidence, and Applied Conceptual Understanding, did differ by enjoyment: students who enjoyed the activity gave more favorable (expert-like) responses on these CLASS categories than students who did not enjoy the activity.  This preliminary finding necessitates future research elucidating how epistemology, enjoyment, and classroom activities are interrelated.
Abstract Type: Contributed Poster Presentation

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Eric Kuo
Stanford University
and Co-Presenter(s)
Tyler Brown, Stanford University,
Engin Bumbacher, Stanford University,
Dilia Olivo, Stanford University,
Saranapob Thavapatikom, Stanford University,
Carl E. Wieman, Stanford University