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PERC 2014 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Creating digital lab reports - effects on student's skill development
Abstract: Building up competence in planning, conducting, assessing and evaluating experiments and communicating their outcome are core competencies in most national curriculas. Grading a lab report gives only limited amount of information about how far this competencies have been developed in an individual. Tablet-PCs with their integrated cameras, internal and external measurement devices, and integrated video editing suites give the opportunity to create video lab reports that provide additional informations about student's experimental and presentation skills - while, possibly, leaving out other informations.

In a Design Based Research (DBR) Project targeted both at middle school and university students, we seek optimized processes to prepare for experimental labwork, building and testing factual knowledge, conduct and document experiments and store and grade electronic lab reports. Research methods include electronic pre/post testing with comparison groups, parttaking observation and guided interviews. Preliminary results show enhanced groupwork and a tendency to more theory-guided experimenting. Factual knowledge, on the other hand, needs still to enhanced e.g. by rigid pre-testing prior to the lab session.
Abstract Type: Symposium Poster
Targeted Session: Using technology to enhance physics teaching: Research-based technology innovations

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: André Bresges
University of Cologne