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PERC 2014 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Animated Illustrations, Multicoding and Multimodality - Finding critical factors for an effective information processing
Abstract: What are important settings for making learners benefit from illustrations and animated visuals?

One aspect is that the learning content as such has to be considered. Here we focus on phenomena that are not visible with naked eyes. Pictures and animations (in combination with text and formulas) are used to illustrate relevant physical characteristics that cannot be seen in reality. Examples and classifications will be shown.

Another important aspect is to assist information processing using multimedia to offer interactive visualizations and to provide possibilities also for combinations with acoustic information. Results from a study with 99 students who worked with a multimedia learning environment will be discussed. Distinction should be made between knowledge that was primarily based on pictorial information or on text based information. The best results provided animations with spoken explanatory text where pictorial imagination is important for understanding. This was significant for all students, but especially fruitful for the not so capable students. Concerning abstract, text based information students with higher abilities profited from written text, while students with lower abilities (median split) gained better results with spoken text.

These results relate to material explaining how infrared motion detectors and infrared thermometers work, and how Planck's law and infrared radiation can be made more familiar. Possibilities for transfer to other areas will also be discussed.
Abstract Type: Symposium Poster
Targeted Session: Using technology to enhance physics teaching: Research-based technology innovations

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Raimund Girdwidz
University of Munich