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PERC 2015 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Teaching measurement and uncertainty
Abstract: While measurement and uncertainty are core elements of the physics enterprise, the way they are incorporated into undergraduate curricula varies greatly. This can range from simply noting "significant figures" to teaching aspects of the technical formalism. In general, however, research has indicated that students do not appreciate the nature and role of uncertainty. (Unusually for physics two different paradigms are taught (frequentist versus "probabilistic") with distinctly different epistemologically interpretations). The Talk&Work session will consist of (a) short Talks summarizing the present situation and (b) inputs from participants in a consultative Workshop format. The overall aim of the session is to identify research questions that need answering in order to meet the challenges with regard to both teaching and practice on the one hand, and student understanding on the other. Participants are asked to bring a summary of current practices with regard to teaching measurement and uncertainty in their own institutions.
Abstract Type: Parallel session: Custom Format

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Saalih Allie
University of Cape Town
Physics Department
Rondebosch, Non U.S. 7701
Phone: 01127828962700
Fax: 01127216503342
and Co-Presenter(s)