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Abstract Title: Potential Relationship of Chosen Major to Problem Solving Attitudes and Course Performance
Abstract: Introductory algebra-based physics courses frequently feature multiple student major populations in the same course section; however, different majors' requirements may impact students' motivations towards different aspects of the course material, e.g. problem solving, and hence, impact course performance. A preliminary categorization of student attitudes towards a lab group coordinated problem solving exercise, in which students individually reflect on their group-based problem attempt, is based upon students' written interpretations about the usefulness of the exercise: respectively towards intrinsic value of a problem solving framework, towards performing well in the course, and towards less specific aspects of the exercise.  The relationship between choice of major and this preliminary categorization for a typical algebra-based physics course is analyzed, as are trends by major and by category type in several measures of class performance. We also discuss more in-depth development of interpretation for the categorization construct via written artifacts from the problem solving exercise.
Abstract Type: Contributed Poster Presentation

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Primary Contact: Andrew J. Mason
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Central Arkansas

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