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Abstract Title: Role of Group Dynamics in Analysis of Attitudes towards Metacognitive Physics Problem Solving
Abstract: Current investigations into pedagogical goals of introductory algebra-based physics students at the University of Central Arkansas, by choice of major and by learning orientation towards an in-class metacognitive group problem solving task, seek to determine possible relationships with attitudinal shifts and course performance. Students thus far have been untreated with known group-based learning pedagogies, so as to establish trends of common group habits, and ultimately to properly inform implementation of group-based pedagogies in reaction to these trends. We present initial analysis of group dynamics observed thus far during the problem solving task, in consideration of chosen strategies, determined learning orientations, and attitudinal shifts. In addition, current results will require further information from group dynamics in future research. A proposal for future analysis of more complete audiovisual data, in order to examine evolution of lab group dynamics during a given class period, will be discussed as informed by current results.
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Primary Contact: Andrew J. Mason
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Central Arkansas
and Co-Presenter(s)
Charles A. Bertram

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