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PERC 2019 Abstract Detail Page

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Abstract Title: Research, practice, and activism: when Critical Race Theory meets the classroom
Abstract: I have been researching Physics Education through the lenses of Critical Race Theory and Methodology, teaching undergraduate courses for physics majors, and working with graduate students in a Science Education program. At the same time, I gather with anti-racist grassroots groups and people trying to fight systemic inequalities in Brazil. In this presentation, I will discuss how CRT intertwines my research, teaching practices, and activism. Besides, I argue that CRT perspectives can be helpful to decolonize academia. The discussion is an invitation for us to think, collectively, about what does it mean (or what it looks like) to be a CRT researcher in physics education.
Abstract Type: Symposium Talk
Parallel Session: Critical Theory as a Research Framework for Addressing Injustice in Physics Education
Session Time: Parallel Sessions Cluster II
Room: Cascade A

Author/Organizer Information

Primary Contact: Katemari Rosa
Universidade Federal da Bahia